Jerusalem patriarch praises House of Commons for vote on recognition of Palestine [CWN]


The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem has praised the House of Commons for its recent 274-12 vote that called upon the United Kingdom’s government to "recognize the state of Palestine alongside …



One wonders how he envisions this “Palestine”. Would it be the West Bank only, or would it include Gaza? If it includes Gaza, then how will the two parts connect, and who will rule it? Will it be run by Hamas? If so, not only should Israel oppose its formation, but the U.S. should as well. Might as well turn it over to ISIS as to Hamas.


I’m grateful the Patriarch said this. We do need Palestine to be their own country, and have needed this since 1948.

That being said, even if the whole world recognizes Palestine, they really do have a problem with being split in two parts. Arrgh! True, the U.S. has Alaska, so we have to deal with Canada, but Canada is not hostile territory.

Anyone out there read of solutions about how to get this divided Palestine to function?

Hamas is going to have to give Israel the right to exist. That has to be their end of the compromise. Otherwise this issue will fester until World War III. God forbid.


I doubt I’ll ever see Hamas credibly do that. it’s like expecting ISIS to become a moderate state. Theoretically possible, but highly unlikely.


Netanyahu will never give the West Bank to the Palestinians.

So, if a Palestinian State comes about, it will be Gaza alone and that’s if Netanyahu doesn’t allow Jewish settlers to move back into Gaza.

He opposed their removal, but wasn’t president at the time and couldn’t stop it.



Does anyone know why Palestine is in two separate parts?:confused:


There are two parts of Palestine, Gaza and the West Bank. The West Bank is actually in dozens of pieces.


Gaza was disputed since the state of Israel was established in 1948. Jordan was promised parts by the Israeli’s if they agreed to the UN Resolution establishing the boundaries of Israel. Jordon learned almost immediately that Israel had no intention of giving them the part of the West Bank which was promised. Syria claimed other parts, but lost it during the 1967 war and the Israeli’s have occupied there ever since.

Gaza was where the Israeli forces sent the Palestinian refugees who were driven from their homes, in 1948 when Israel was declared, and where they’ve been forced to stay ever since.



Clarifying just a bit. Gaza was never part of Jordan. It was held by Egypt until the 1967 war, during which it was captured by Israel. The West Bank was held by Jordan, and the West Bank was captured by Israel in that war.

Israel left Gaza. Gaza is a de facto “Palestinian state” presently. It was initially ruled by Yasser Arafat’s Fatah, but lost power to Hamas, a thoroughly terrorist organization, in a bloody coup. Fatah has a loose control over the West Bank, but is likely to lose it to Hamas, and will almost certainly lose it to Hamas if Israel withdraws from it and if the west stops subsidizing Fatah.

Jordan is a de facto “Palestinian state”, most of its population being “Palestinians”, though the ruling family is Bedouin. Having lost the West Bank, Jordan is not wanting it back, having previously driven Fatah from Jordan itself.

About 1/3 of the population of the West Bank are Jews. 2/3 are Arabs. If “Palestine” is considered as a whole (including Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank) the majority are Jews.
One of the problems with making the West Bank a “Palestinian state” is the fate of 1/3 of the population there. Are the Jews to leave so it can be an Islamic state like Gaza? How would the Jews fare under Muslim rule? Middle Eastern history suggests that it would not be pretty. Hamas has decreed death to all the Jews, so how is Israel to welcome a “Palestinian state”?

So everybody is stuck. It seems an easy answer to create a (third) “Palestinian state” in the West Bank. But there is nothing easy about the resolution of it.

Finally, it needs to be recognized that the term “Palestinian” does not have the meaning in the ARab world that it does to us. It’s not like saying “German” or “Englishman”. Palestinian is a term of origin, sometimes long distant origin. There are “Palestinians” all over the Middle East, just as there people whose name denotes origin in Egypt, Syria or elsewhere in the Arab world who have perhaps not lived in their areas of origin for generations.


If Egypt is creating a buffer zone with water-filled trenches between it and Gaza to discourage terrorists from Gaza going into Egypt, why would anybody suppose that Israel should welcome yet another terrorist states on its eastern border?


Opps, my error. I meant the West Bank. :wink:



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