Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'

Precisely what I was thinking.

No one seems to bat an eye when talking about “child raping clergy” but they start to foam at the mouth quite vehemently when talking about anything non-Catholic in a less than palatable light.

If you’re going to call us “gullible”, at least have the common courtesy to refute this article as the fraud that you claim it to be. If it really is an attempt to discredit the Jews (which I highly doubt, coming from the BBC), then you should have no problem refuting it.

I’m waiting.

I think this story is credible, but it must be said that the Ultra Orthodox Jews in Mea Shearim are not representative of the overwhelming majority of Jews in the least. That neighborhood is like Poland in the 1700’s. I had some friends who went there and had some stones tossed at them for the way they were dressed (none were wearing shorts or anything outrageous).

This description is more representative of the mainstream Judaism, I think.
I personally try to distinguish between good religion and sheer superstition that makes the religious look ridiculous.

A dangerous dog needs to be put down. A possessed dog is laughable.

Cujo comes to mind, not the Fluffy of the article when you think of a dangerous animal.
and everybody know that Steven King writes fiction.

Your Honor, well stated! And, as I understand it, the human death penalty has also been abolished in Israel for some time now, except for war crimes and treason. Even when the death penalty was on the books though, it was rarely administered due to the very high threshold required by Torah Law.

Story has been falsified. It never happened. Please don’t assume that everything you read is true before casting your stones.


I don’t assume that every thing I read is true, which is why I don’t believe you until you prove your words.

That’s an appeal to pity logical fallacy and of all people here Lemon and Lime would be most unlikely to repeat nonsense derived from the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ or similar about Jewish control of world media.

Chosen People, thanks for clearing that up.


Always post charitably

And here is the denial. The original report may have been a misunderstanding, or an outright hoax:shrug:

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