Jesuit doorman surprised by Pope's phone call

I just love it! He makes his own phone calls!

[FONT=Arial][size=2]He thought it was a joke. The young doorman at the Jesuit motherhouse in Rome never expected to receive a phone call from Pope Francis.
The Holy Father had to patiently and kindly convince the doorman who he was in order to speak with the Father General of the Jesuits to thank him for a letter the Pontiff received upon his election.
According to Father Claudio Barriga, SJ, who recounted the incident in an email to fellow Jesuits around the world, the unexpected phone call from Pope came around 10:15 a.m. Rome time on Thursday.
“The doorman answered the phone. They said it was call from St. Martha’s Residence and he heard a soft and serene voice: ‘Buon Giorno, sono il Papa Francesco, vorrei parlare con il Padre Generale (Good morning, it’s Pope Francis. I’d like to speak with the Father General).’”
“The doorman almost answered: ‘Yeah, and I’m Napoleon,’ but he resisted. Instead he replied curtly, ‘May I ask who’s calling?’ The Pope realized the young Italian man didn’t believe it was him, so he kindly repeated, ‘Seriously, it’s Pope Francis. What’s your name?’” “Ever since the Pope’s election, our phone has been ringing every two minutes and a lot of people are calling, including a few lunatics,” Father Barriga said.


He’s doing everything right! What a guy! No wonder his fellow Cardinals elected him, he sounds like the kind of person that the Church has needed!

It sounds like he is a down to earth, and regular man. He is a man who will do what he can for him self, and won’t have a servant do the things he can do for himself. I like him.

It seems that he (Pope Francis) picked the right name. Thank you God for picking him. :highprayer: :yyeess:

:thumbsup: :clapping:
I like Pope Francis just based on his first very humble actions. His own phone calls, paying his own bills, to reaching out and shaking hands with the people for his first Sunday Mass.
I like Pope Francis
:thumbsup: :clapping:

Here’s James Martin’s description:

And I love this – a video interview with the receptionist:

A story for him to tell for years to come :slight_smile:

I will continue to pray daily for Pope Francis. He is a very holy man, but even he must get a little frustrated (or at least worn out) as he gradually gets “the system” to adjust to him :slight_smile:

I love his wonderful example :slight_smile:

So, Pope Francis made a phone call. Okay…


Barack Obama often called potential voters from campaign offices. Babe Ruth signed autographs for young fans. Pope Francis made a phone call. Tomorrow we will hear that Pope Francis stopped at Ben & Jerry’s and ordered his own ice cream.

I mean no disrespect to the OP. Many people like human interest news items, so enjoy!

No, I know you didn’t. Neither did my lol.

Where’s the Popecam?

Sooner or later the Holy Father is going to have to start delegating. He’s going to have way too many serious things to be done to do this sort of thing. If he doesn’t everything is going to be sooooo backlogged. :sad_yes:

It’s really nice and friendly but…this can be time consuming.

I think he will start delegating more in time, but still make spontaneous gestures of independence at times, as did John XXIII and JPII.

JPII apparently used to take time out to hear the confessions of pilgrims in St Peters. One woman fainted in the confessional when she realised that he was her confessor :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m trying to imagine how I would react if I found out it was the Pope hearing my confession! Heart attack!?!?! :slight_smile:

I don’t think the Holy Father would go to Ben and Jerry’s with all the wonderful gelaterie in Rome.:wink:

I thought it was a touching story. I was a secretary for a foreign company, and sometimes the levels of protocol to get person A to speak to person B would be incredible.

There is so much baggage with being Pope, all the formal liturgies and foreign visitors and so much church business to deal with.

People act like all these ordinary actions are miracles or something. Can’t the pope make a phone call in privacy? Why is this international news?

Even Jesus shunned crowds at times and he told people not to tell of how he cured them, etc. to prevent becoming a sideshow. The stunts can become a distraction from the main message.

If he had already solved some of the big problems at the vatican, I wouldn’t care if he went roller skating in St. Peter’s Square. But, until those problems are dealt with, I would like to see him quickly mature into the role of spiritual leader.

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