Jesuit-run university to host lecture by excommunicated, laicized priest

*The Jesuit-run University of Santa Clara has scheduled a lecture appearance by a former Maryknoll priest who has been expelled from his order, excommunicated, and laicized, the Cardinal Newman Society reports.

Roy Bourgeois was excommunicated when he participated in a 2008 ceremony at which women claimed priestly ordination.*Catholic Culture

My alma mater is losing its way, I see. They’ve been sort of drifting away for years, regrettably–the only Catholic bit they focus on is “social justice.”

When people ask why the collapse in Mass attendance, Catholic schools, religious orders, Catholic marriage and family life, we only have to point to this liberal heresy as an example of the cause.

Isn’t this the same University of Santa Clara which is embroiled over faculty benefits? Currently, the insurance covers abortion. However, earlier this year the university president, Fr. Michael Engh SJ, unilaterally eliminated that coverage. His decision set off an uproar among the faculty which has spilled over into the news more than once.

I think the university president needs our support. He is trying to turn the culture of the place around, but is getting a fair amount of resistance.

To be fair to Santa Clara, their President recently stood up to the HHS mandate abortion coverage and dropped their coverage, so it’s not all bad news there.

Edit: Coatimundi beat me to it

I work close by, in San Jose, so I am tempted to go to the talk. I wouldn’t want to ambush him during the Q&A or be disrespectful, but I do think it’s valid to politely question a lecturer’s position.

Quick question… why do you put parenthesis around Social Justice?

Perhaps there’s nothing inherently wrong with having open lines of dialogue with those who believe differently? Even having the humility to invite them in as a guest? With that said it does seem to fly in the face of the disciplinary/educational nature of excommunication for the laicized priest himself, and perhaps open the door to scandal. What do I know? This is by no means the first time a Catholic university has brought in a controversial guest to speak.

I think you’ll even find Catholic social justice is different from mainstream grievance-oriented “social justice”.

It’s quotation marks, and I can see why someone would do that.

“Quote marks” , not (parentheses). (Sorry, that’s the pedant in me!)

I think the quotes denote a certain skepticism: some Catholics are strong on social justice, but neglect other important Church teachings. This has given social justice a bad name in the eyes of some, which is regrettable. :frowning:

It’s one thing to ask a controversial guest speaker to give a speech on a topic he is an expert on in order to hold a dialogue, it’s a completely different thing to ask someone to give a speech on a topic for which their only qualification for is their notoriety.

My word… I was not with it this morning…embarrassing

That’s why I thought someone would put quotes on it. I completely agree with your assessment… that it denotes skepticism. I would add that some put greater emphasis on other Church teaching and neglect our obligations as Catholics to advocating for social justice. Going either way, it is indeed regrettable…

With all due respect this is common reasoning used nowadays. Nonetheless, given that the Catholics are very much outnumbered why should be give more voice and thus credibility to the majority pagans, especially when it has to do with our children?

Even though they may act like it, college students aren’t children.

Judging by the title, the topic on which he’s speaking is not going to touch female ordination. So it’s possible that the talk may not be problematic at all.

I am not sure why you put social justcie in quotes. It is hard to get through any of scripture without noticing the overwhelming focus on the treatment of the poor and marginalized. The church obviously believes this to be an important focus as well.

Although, I will admit it is some of the more challenging teachings of the church because it requires SO much of us. So, so much.

From the article-
“Bourgeois is now scheduled to speak at the University of Santa Clara’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics on the topic of Catholic feminism.

You really don’t think female ordination won’t be discussed at all in a discussion on Catholic feminism with a guy who’s sole claim to fame is activism for female ordination?

Probably because there are many definitions of social justice, and because Catholic universities don’t always use the definition adopted by the Church. The promotion of same-sex marriage or women’s ordination are considered “pro-social justice” positions to some.

I imagine he put it in quotes because “social justice” is a recently coined term which is often used to promote liberation theology or other marxist ideas. The Church has a vibrant Social Teaching and brilliant teachings on Social Doctrine and care for the poor and marginalized without adhering to modernist “social justice.”

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