Jesuit Vocations


I am thinking about the priesthood, and the Society of Jesus is really appealing. I was wondering: 1) what are the jobs of Jesuit priests (Diocesan priests work in a parish; what do Jesuits do?) and 2) do they ever see family?


Since part of the Jesuit vocation is earning a PhD, I suppose they would mostly teach or do scholarly research, write books, etc.


Besides the usual grounding in theology and philosophy, Jesuits tend to gain qualifications in pretty much anything under the sun - in some cases literally: the Vatican observatory is run by Jesuits. This, from the SJ’s themselves:

a Jesuit is able to serve the Church and foster an interior relationship with Christ, while pursuing his talent as a lawyer or an astronomer or an administrator. Or in any other walk of professional and ministerial life.

As for seeing family, the only real barriers are geographical!


Jesuits can do just about anything.

There is lots of work in Jesuit high schools and colleges in teaching, administration, campus ministry, etc. They run parishes, retreat houses, do social justice work, and more. They’re noted for their spiritual direction, though that’s probably an adjunct to the other work they do rather than a full-time ministry. They can even become Pope! You can find more info at

And yes, they see their families.


If you become a Jesuit just remember to keep it Orthodox, don’t go against Church teachings!!!


I’m also seeking a Jesuit vocation. As a Jesuit you will go through years of extreme intellectual and spiritual training. If you don’t have a college degree yet it is highly recommended though not necessary.

Jesuits normally work other jobs aside from priestly duties. For example there are Jesuit doctors, lawyers, scientists, journalists, authors, theologians, professors, historians, archaeologists, mathematicians, actors, you name it.

Jesuits are highly educated. Almost every novice that I have read about tend to have bachelors degrees from English Literature-Physics. You will most likely learn Spanish as well.

Jesuits also follow Ignatius spirituality so I would recommend the book “The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything” by Fr. James Martin ,SJ and “How to Listen When God is Speaking” by Fr. Mitch Pacwa ,SJ,PhD,S.T.B.

Hope your discernment goes well brother.


Source? I’ve never heard about that… :ehh:


Jesuit vocation / formation information link which helps to explain why it takes sometimes 10-11 years of formation, and the educational expectations associated with it:

Each religious order has its own charism: Franciscans usually emphasize working with the poor; Dominicans emphasize preaching; Discalced Carmelites emphasize contemplative prayer; Jesuits emphasize education more so than most other religious orders.


I was hoping that after a Jesuit was elected our Holy Father that those who are afraid of highly educated worker bee priests would stop spreading their own belief that unless you are FSSP or ultra radtrad you are a heretic. Papa Francis is spreading the Gospels and evangelizing his world flock just as the 6 holy priests do in my Jesuit Parish. In all the years I’ve attended St. Ignatius Loyola, i have never heard one word spoken in a homily that was not in accordance with Rome. Jesuits tend to be more inclusive rather than exclusive. We just finished the nine day Hearts on Fire, Praying With the Jesuits retreat. People from all over our city attended and it was truly inspiring. If you have never had the opportunity to attend a Jesuit Parish, give it a try, you will be joyfully surprized!:rolleyes:


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