I feel i am called to religous life but haven’t decided yet what order best suits me. Can anyone tell me information about who the Jesuits are and what they do. Also if i am a Jesuit can i participate in reuglar masses like regular priests.
Also i have read online about rumors surrounding the Jesuits, like how they dont obey Rome and how most of them are homosexuals. Is there any truth the these rumors? Thank You.

I’m also discerning religious life,

The Jesuits are the Society of Jesus and were founded by St Ignatius Loyola.
One of the the primary Charism of the Jesuits is to spread the message of the Gospel through education.

Any priest can participate in regular masses or celebrate mass. If you mean celebrate mass for the parish - this is slightly different. While any priest can be involved in the celebration of mass - there are priests assigned and trained for ministry in their diocese.

As regards rumours - like anything else, some are true & some are not. Certainly the majority of Jesuits are not homosexual. I think people tend to label celibate clergy or laypeople as being abnormal in some way because sex is something we “must have”.

This is a time of change for the Church and there are various dissenting groups (the ACP in Ireland etc…) but just because one member of a religious order is not in agreement with Rome does not mean the entire order is a bad choice for discernment.


The Jesuits are an order of priests (mostly priests, there’s a few non-priest Jesuits I believe) who focus largely on academics. It’s a very intellectual order. They also follow Ignatian Spirituality. You’ll usually find Jesuits around university campus’.

They do celebrate Mass, often in Campus Ministries at their university (so at a chapel on campus usually), but so far as I know they don’t normally do parish work.

I’d ignore the rumours. There may be a few bad apples, but you get that in many large groups (if you want a good example of a Jesuit, Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa is a great one). They do also take a special vow of obedience to the Pope.

Well I don’t know a ton about the spirituality of the Society of Jesus, but I know that there are some prestigious Jesuit universities and Jesuits value knowledge. I think they do a lot of evangelizing since much of Europe got reconverted after the Reformation because of Jesuits, and they helped spread the Gospel in Europe. A major difference between them and the Dominicans is their understanding about predestination (congruism vs thomism).

Many Jesuits don’t obey Rome because they adopted liberation theology (code name for socialism) which the Church has condemned. This is because of the strong social justice tradition in the Society of Jesus (which is a very good thing imho), but unfortunately many misinterpreted social justice as socialism. I think there are lots of Jesuits in South America for some reason because otherwise the liberation theology stuff wouldn’t have been as big of a deal. So they probably helped evangelize South America as well. :smiley: But there are still plenty of faithful Jesuits I’m sure. I seriously doubt most of them are homosexual.

I think the Jesuits might suit me because im very smart and value knowledge but what is Ignatius Spirituality that i would have to follow?

I’m assuming you’re Irish (username)

this is their Irish website & it’s up there

im mostly an Irish descendant with a little bit of slovak but i live in america.

Thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

Aha…here you go so
This has stuff about Ignatian Spirituality

Here is a great website for learning about Ignatian Spirituality.

I am very Ignatian. I have done the Spiritual Exercises (which changed my life:getholy:), do a daily examen and try to live my live “all for the greater glory of God” which is the conerstone of Ignatian Spirituality.

As far as the rumors, ignore them! As in any group there will always be a few bad apples, bu tit is never the “norm”. And as far as being obedient to the Pope, the Jesuits, inaddition to taking vos of celibacy, poverty & obedience, the make a fourth vow to do the will of the Holy Father, so if they were being “disobedient” I am pretty sure they would be called to the carpet. :wink:

They are some Jesuit Parishes. The reason I know is the church (St Leo’s) have attened is one of six in the area.:thumbsup: By the way, they been called on the carpet many a time over the centuries.

What’s the difference?

yes pls can anyone explain the difference cause i looked it up on newadvent and i still didnt understand. Also how would the live between a group of friars such as the dominicans be different form the lives of jesuits.

Short version: Thomism:

God, by an absolute decree and without regard to any future supernatural merits, predestined from all eternity certain men to the glory of heaven, and then, in consequence of this decree, decided to give them all the graces necessary for its accomplishment. In the order of time, however, the Divine decree is carried out in the reverse order, the predestined receiving first the graces preappointed to them, and lastly the glory of heaven as the reward of their good works. Two qualities, therefore, characterize this theory: first, the absoluteness of the eternal decree, and second, the reversing of the relation of grace and glory in the two different orders of eternal intention (ordo intentionis) and execution in time (ordo executionis). For while grace (and merit), in the order of eternal intention, is nothing else than the result or effect of glory absolutely decreed, yet, in the order of execution, it becomes the reason and partial cause of eternal happiness, as is required by the dogma of the meritoriousness of good works (see MERIT). Again, celestial glory is the thing willed first in the order of eternal intention and then is made the reason or motive for the graces offered, while in the order of execution it must be conceived as the result or effect of supernatural merits.


It is quite obvious that gratia congrua corresponds with efficacious grace, and gratia incongrua with merely sufficient grace. Accordingly the efficacy of a grace depends upon its peculiar agreement or congruity with the interior and exterior disposition of the recipient, whereby a certain relationship of choice is established between grace and free will, which at the hand of God in the light of His scientia media becomes the infallible means of carrying out all His designs of grace in great things and small with certain success and without violence. Even a small grace, which by reason of its congruity is attended with success, has an incomparably greater sanctifying value than an ever so much more powerful grace, which by reason of unfavourable circumstances of inclination, training, and environment fails in its purpose, and therefore as a gratia incongrua appears to the Divine foreknowledge as merely sufficient. Concerning the method of operation of the efficacious, or the congruous grace, the Congruists like the Molinists make three divisions: the efficacy of power (efficacia virtutis); the efficacy of union (efficacia connexionis); the efficacy of infallibility (efficacia infallibilitatis).

So would it be better to join a religous order such as the Jesuits or the Domiincans or to just join my local Pittsburgh Parish and become a priest here?

You should probably check out the Dominicans and the Diocesan Priesthood…speak to their Vocation Director.

It’s funny you mention that combination…cos those are the two that I’m discerning right now.


I have visited a good few religious orders while discerning; Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Capuchins & Augustinians etc…

I generally ruled them out by praying about my experiences & how I would feel about a life spent doing what that particular order did.

I think it will be pretty obvious if & when you feel that you have a calling to a particular thing.

God will just give you the desire for it.


I know if i were to join my local parish smeinary here in pittsburgh i would haveto go to college for philosophy ebforehand.If iwas join a religous order such as the jesuits what are the academic prerequisites for joining?

I don’t know their academic prerequisites…this is the link to their vocations section of the Jesuits website.

The best thing to do might be to find some info there & see if you can get in touch with a Jesuit Vocation Director.

If you feel that you may be called to be a Jesuit Priest then take some time & explore their way of life and ask questions.

Good luck & God Bless

Thank You very much. Is there any-one else whois htinking of joining a different religous order?

The best one. I couldn’t ask for a better Bishop!

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