Jesus a Black Man?


I just hear of a movie that came out October 2006. The name of the movie is: The Color of the Cross. The website is

According to the website: “The film is unique in two distinct ways: The first dramatic film in Hollywood history ever to depict Christ as a black man. Secondly, it is the first Christian based film to inject race as a possible factor in the Crucifixion of Christ.”

According to the director, a Jean Claude Lamar: “For centuries, Leonardo da Vinci’s portrayal of Jesus has been widely accepted. We are offering an alternative image. There’s room for all.”

In this movie Jesus is a Black Nazarene.

My Questions:

  1. Was does the Catholic Church say about Jesus being a Black Nazarene? Or anytype of race?
  2. If Jesus is not a Black Man, but more of what we are use to (i.e., “Passion of the Christ”) How do we defend/prove this? Articles, Books, CDs. DVDs. Etc.
  3. If you believe Jesus is a Black Man, how do you defend/prove this? Articles, Books, CDs. DVDs. Etc.

My Thoughts:

  1. I believe that Jesus was not a Black Man. I believe that the Catholic Church teachings us in many ways, books, paintings, etc. and the visual teaching (art) of the church has of the church has not shown me that Jesus was a black man.
  2. I accept that I can be wrong about Jesus not being a Black Man, but I need some reputable type of article, book, etc. before I can seriously consider this.
  3. The idea of idea of “injecting” race as a possible factor in the Crucifixion of Christ, I can not respect at all!!! Jesus died for our sins. Jesus was crucified because he claimed to be God.

Thank You and God Bless
Gregorio R.


there is a thread on this already…


Are they suggesting that Jesus was Black, as in Black African? In my opinion, this is figure of the imaginations of Blacks who want to have a hero to identify with of their race.

Yes, there is a sprinkling of Black African blood in the Jewish people of Jesus’ time, and today. These would be Blacks of the Ethiopian variety who migrated, or were taken as slaves by various more powerful peoples to the north. They contributed to the ethnic pool of the Mediteranean region. You can see evidence of this by examples of kinky haired people throughout the region.

But, to think that Jesus was a Black African, of a more undiluted variety, is merely wishful thinking on the part of some with no historical basis.

For one thing, I’m certain that an African man would have a very low status. Black Africans were undoubtably on the lower rung of society and a Black Jesus would probably not be well received by the people in general. And, to make the Passion Play into a modern racial drama is totally absurd. :rolleyes:


Karin, If figured that this topic might already be in the forum, (and it’s not like a topic needs to be restricted to just one thread), but I could not find one.

If you know where this already existing topic is, please let me know where I can find it.


You are so right it is there somewhere…as I commented on it…I do not have the time to search through my posts to find it though…if I come across it I will provide the link for you:)


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Karin, thanks for the links.


To the heart of the matter, does it really matter? Jesus was trying to make an attempt his covenant was to both Jew and Gentile. To make it a modern racial drama, well you’d be doing the story injustice to say Jesus came for my race. Jesus came down for a covenant for both the Jew and the Gentile, if one wants to bring race into it, he also came down for all races.

For your spirituality if it helps you draw a closer connection to make him appear with your features, by all means do so. The features are just an accident, it really didn’t make a difference to who Jesus really is.


Oh, so Jesus died because of his race and not because of his message. Oooookay. :rolleyes:

I understand everyone sees Jesus in their own terms, but that’s quite a stretch.


Why would it matter?


Of course Jesus’ mission is to all races but we must remember that He was a specific human being, born from the chosen people (Jewish) of the Virgin Mary a descendant of King David since He was promised to them first.


Personaly, I like to think of Jesus looking like Jeff Goldblum with a beard and a really good tan:D

Seriously, this is extreme Afro-centrism that is pseudo scholarship–at best. It (like Chris Rock’s character in the excreble Dogma) is an attempt to interject OUR racial hangups into the 1st century. It’s divisive ideology disguised as theology and history


Well I seriously doubt that he was blond hair blue eyed and fair skinned! I dare say he was probably alot darker than most of us have grown up believing. Does the idea of Jesus being black really bother anyone here? If so, why?



The idea that skin color is why He was persecuted bothers me.

I mean, what about the teachings, what about the challenges, what about the Son of Gods thing, if it comes down to persecution because of skin color it cheapens the whole message.

I mean, think about it, Jesus preached, but people rejected him because of His skin color. He taught, but people rejected the teachings because of His skin color. He was held on trial, not because of how hard His teachings were, or that He claimed to be the Son of God, but rather, because he was black. Suddenly, it seems that really instead of Jesus being about the Incarnation, the entire New Testament is about skin color.

It cheapens the message, and makes it a one issue thing.

I would guess that many people on this thread will agree with me on this.

A lone Raven


Exactly. I reject completely, as should we all, that our Savior’s cruxifiction was just another example of “the man” tryin’ to keep a brother down.

Yes, I have no doubt that Jesus was not some blonde haired, blue eyed European.

Anyone remember this pic from a year or so ago? The scholarship is kinda questionable but no doubt it probably fits the general chracteristics.


It makes sense to me. The white-skinned races were not yet interbreeding in the south of Europe - they were only just then beginning to be captured as slaves.

Keep in mind that the Celtic, Anglos, Saxons, and Germanic peoples were still living in extremely primitive conditions - the Romans thought their skin colour looked “blue” compared to what they were used to - their “white skin” was actually more like what we see in India today - light brown - which would have seemed “white” compared to everyone else, including the Jews of that time.


Jesus was born a Jew, so it is likely that he is a Semite, right? Not lilly white by any means, but not Black African either. I suppose Jesus could have been a Black African if God had chosen the Zulu or another African tribe as his chosen people, instead of the Jews. Ultimately, however, it does not matter because Jesus died for all of our sins, whether we are white, black or otherwise.


I’d say Jesus was a dark-skinned Middle-Eastern man. Nothing else makes sense for the place and the time period.


I grew up suspecting that jesus was a dark tan olive, with dark hair, like so many of the people in the middle east today. I often played mary in school plays, because of my dark hair and olive skin.


“The world will finally know”
– Color of The Cross movie poster

I guess it turns out that the Jews were playing the race card.

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