Jesus a vegetarian in Peta campaign

Peta is at it again, and will go to any means in their anti-meat campaign.

Considering what Christ taught, vegetarianism is a lot more in accord with our ethics and morality than modern factory-farming. look around here No one intends to claim that Jesus was vegetarian. Historically he was not, regardless of what you believe. What should be thought abut, though, is if Jesus was on earth today and witnessed the cruelty of factory farming, the abuse and exploitation of God’s creatures just to satiate human habit and desire, would he support it? I think not.

what about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet? Are they hyped? or are they beneficial to ones health?

Is the danger of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, cancer et al. hype? All of these things are associated with the consumption of animal products. Vegetarianism is much healthier and much more ethical. Just do some research. Meat is in no way necessary for health. Everything our diets need can be found elsewhere, and our bodies are not even designed to eat the amount of meat the average person now eats, hence the health problems. And that is not to say that are bodies are designed to be completely vegetarian, which would be false to say. But we are meant to and should eat diets that are predominantly plant-based, rather than meat based. i.e. meat should be in a small side-dish, not cover half of the main plate. Nowadays, mainly because of factory farming, meat is more detrimental to health (as well as the environment) than it was generations ago.
I can give you information sources too, but I am just not at my own computer right now.

Fidelia, I’ve wracked my brain trying to think of any human society which is by nature completely vegetarian. Humans are omnivores. Even the chimps and bonobos are omnivores.

The Kung! have lived their lifestyle largely unaffected by the modern age until recently. They are the epitome of hunter/gatherer society. They didn’t do without meat. I can’t think of any traditional society which was vegetarian.

We have the luxury of being able to be vegetarian in today’s modern world. Do we eat more meat than our ancestors did? I don’t think so. Here’s why. You talk about factory farming. I’ll tell you how we do it here in Louisiana.

I’ve lived on a 200 acre farm with a herd of cattle. DW had one heifer who gave us one calf each year. Said calf was sent to the abbatoir when old enough, cut up, frozen and stocked our freezer. That one calf lasted us the better part of a year.

We still have chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and guineas. Aside from the eggs, we will periodically cull the flock of aging birds which are humanely killed by us in the time-honored way of our ancestors.

And then there are the veggies. We have three growing seasons here in Louisiana. In short, it is possible to live off the land - my ancestors certainly did.

From my point of view, I can live in the same lifestyle as my grandparents and their grandparents - and that included eating meat.

And I haven’t even mentioned seafood…vegetarianism goes over like a lead balloon in south Louisiana.

These are the type of articles that make me want to eat a large steak. Maybe I will go to Outback tonight for dinner after Mass

That lastest Peta campaign is just silly but I agree completely with Fidelia.

brotherhrolf, your farm sounds fine. Its the huge factory farms that keep pigs in stalls that are too small for them to even turn around, or the chickens that are kept in barns and only have 3/4 of a square foot of space per chicken…and they have the tips of their beaks BURNT off so they can’t hurt each other. Or the slaughter houses that shakle chickens upside down, often breaking legs in the process, and then slit their throats and dunk them into scalding water before they’ve had a chance to bleed to death. The care these factory farm animal recieve during their lives is terrible, birds are kicked around, pigs are beaten, cattle aren’t allowed to roam (don’t want their muscles to get to tough…)…stuff like that scares me.

As Ghandi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

I believe this and it makes me afraid for this country.


I did just that after having to attend a workshop run by an environmentalist nun. (I was there as a spy and wrote a report about it! LOL )

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

Then instead of focusing on factory farms and going vegetarian, maybe something should be done to assist the traditional family farm and encourage their growth. Our fowl are entirely free range and their supplemental feed is entirely organic. Eggs and flesh of said fowls taste markedly different from store bought. We are active members of our local Farmers Market where everything is raised by folks using the old methods.

To me it makes more sense to support traditional farmers rather than a knee-jerk reaction to the factory farms.

I love animals. They’re delicious! :smiley:

The Jesus was veg argument is SO ridiculous. We know for a fact from scripture He at least ate fish and lamb (for passover). Duh! :doh2: Read the bible, people!

You know if anyone wants to be a vegetarian that’s cool.

BUT: please don’t be the FOOD-POLICE; don’t tell me what I have to eat!

In our local paper this guy wrote the editor and said I’m paraphrasing this, “It’s Lent this is a good time to eat non-violent foods!

When I read stuff like this it’s like, “You need to get a life.”

These people write to our local paper all the time.

I also noticed that when people get E-Coli from vegetables these food police are silent for about three or four weeks!

Why did God put these animals on this earth so we can look at them and say**,” Wow how cute”? **So we have factory farms? Big deal! We feed more people this way! I don’t think Jesus will have a problem with feeding more of his children.

Are you aware that the grain fed to animals that are going to be slaughtered could feed more humans than the animals’ flesh will?

Are you also aware that it was earlier tradition to eat non-violent food (i.e. a vegetarian diet) during lent?

You could be right on the grain thing. My experience with the majority of vegetarians * support birth control and abortion, :hmmm:well it’s the same thing.*

[size=3]Because they buy into the myth that the world is over populated. The entire world’s population can fit in the state of Texas with room to spare.

The reason people are starving around the world is because of bad governments not over population.

Some of the food police that write our local paper blame babyboomers and meat for all the worlds problems. Now they’re blaming global warming on cows. :whacky:

Some of these people need to stop drinking Kool-Aid.:mad:

It’s still the same thing don’t tell me what to eat that’s all I’m asking of vegetarians. I don’t tell you what vegetables to eat don’t try to pass laws to tell me I can’t eat a hotdog once in while. Oh yeah with chili.:smiley: [/size]

I could eat the whole thing.

Yes you’re telling me not to eat meat because you think it’s unethical to eat meat.

Which it is ethical to eat meat please show me chapter and verse or in the Catechism where says it’s unethical to eat meat? If it’s fine for our Lord Jesus to eat meat it’s fine with me.

You just don’t be a glutton about.

It’s like the people that eat Big Macs everyday and get fat and have health problems. They get lawyers and sue for money and want to close down McDonalds.

All I have to say is:


As to the Big Mac’s, they have to blame someone. No one is responsible for his/her own actions today. Some else did it.

Of course it was Jesus–aka I AM–who in OT times ordered the Israelites to kill all sorts of animals and light them on fire as sacrifices to Him.

Its proven that the more animals people use and consume the more carbon gets released into the air. This used to not be problem but with the world population over 6.5 billion people and countries like the US not giving a rats butt about the environment its too much for the atmosphere to cope with on its own…hence global warming. Its simple science really

I think you will find this article interesting.

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