Jesus alone is Immaculate?


Regarding the Immaculate Conception, I found a few quotes that seem to support the idea that only Jesus can be regarded as Immaculate. Consider the following:

[font=Arial]St. Augustine: “Whatever flesh of sin Jesus took, He took of the flesh of the sin of his mother. Jesus did not partake of sin, but took of his mother, which came under the judgment of sin.”[/font]

[font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]Pope Leo 1 (A.D. 440):

  1. “ The Lord Jesus Christ alone among the sons of men was born immaculate.”(sermon 24 in Nativ. Dom.)

  2. “It belongs alone to the immaculate lamb to have no sin at all.” (Gellasii papae dicta, vol. 4, col 1241, Paris, 1671)[/font]
    [font=Arial]Does not the idea that Mary “came under the judgment of sin” conflict with Church teaching?[/font]
    [font=Arial]God bless,[/font]


Jesus alone is “immaculate” in the sense that Jesus alone did not need the assistance of the grace of the cross to be preserved from that state of alienation from God, which mortal flesh normally entails, which we refer to as Original Sin.

Mary’s immaculate conception was a product of a singular application of the grace of the cross to preserve her from the effects of Original Sin.

It was necessary. Otherwise, the conception of the Incarnation within her womb at the time of the Annunciation would have destroyed the ova to which Christ’s divinity was joined, and killed Mary. See Exodus 33:18-23.


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