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Years ago, a Catholic acquaintance remarked that Jesus traveled to distant countries and picked up ideas from various religions before returning to Galilee to begin his ministry. I was incredulous at the time but never got a chance to explore the idea. How prevalent is this idea? Have you heard of it?

My view is that it is inconsistent with who Jesus is as Son of God and Son of Man.
He would not need to travel to gain anything of importance to his ministry.
He was well trained and prepared in his home in Nazareth and in the synagogues and temple.
Buddhist ideas from afar would add nothing to the message received from God the Father.

Never heard of it and it’s a silly idea. Jesus wouldn’t have needed to go on a long journey to learn other ideas. I’ve always thought Buddha in his isolation and spiritual practice managed to spiritually comprehend some basic understanding of God that made its way into his teachings.


Jesus probably witnessed the lives of Buddhist monks at His time. He was happy to see that

  • non-violence and
  • compassion

the prevailing ideas He himself was engaged in was part of the Buddhist culture.

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Jesus and Buddhist ideas? This is just not true. Buddhism is a different religion.

I’ve heard this before yes and in the same breath the Buddhist person would say that Jesus believed in reincarnation and in fact came back to life in a different body. What to say to all such nonsense? simple, sorry but Christians never believed these things otherwise provide early Christian sources to that effect.

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