Jesus and Satan are not both the Morning-Star


We frequently come across the question
“Why are both Jesus and Satan referred to as the Morning-Star?”
such as here:

Well, it’s an "ok-answer“ they gave, but it’s partly wrong, for they say:

“Satan may be a bright morning star, but he is only a poor imitation of the one true bright morning star, Jesus Christ, the light of the world”.

But the truth is: Satan might never be - never is and never even would ever dare to imitate the Morning-Star, as Satan has ceased to be the Morning-Star before even the first humans where created. So, this statement of “” is insofar wrong, as it doesn’t really hit the present facts as stated in the Bibel, according to which the former Luzifer (as this name points out) only once upon a time WAS the Morning-Star, before he was banned from heaven and thrown upon the at the time not yet populated earth. This facts and occurrences Jesus witnessed as He recalls in Luke 10.18. Today’s degraded Satan (the former Lucifer) is no longer the Morning-Star, for Jesus Christ is not only named as “Morning-Star”, but actually is the Morning-Star, as He heralded the Morning of the New Time. The opening of His Reign. For He - with the word on the cross "IT IS DONE“; and His resurrection and appearance in hell, took over all power from the Father, Mt 28,16-20 into Who’s hands Jesus will return this absolute power over all there is, when with His Last Judgement Jesus Christ finally establishes the absolute might of God only. (Whereas today still sin and lie rules widely the earth). This returning of all might back into the hands of The Father, St. Paul noted in 1Cor 15,24. After the Father has laid all enemies of the truth under the feet of Jesus Christ Psalm 110,1: Sit down at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.

Actually, the Bible answers all our questions in the clearance as we are ready to receipt when we in absolute belief open our hearts to God.

As to the image of daemons:
If you find in the net the picture of WAR IN HEAVEN Peter Bruegel painted 1562 you’ll see that he too points out, that the banned Angels - now devils, also lost their privilege to be in God’s image. We are in God’s image, as God created us that way. An ugly thing like Satan can’t be named “a Morning Star”. Devils must look terribly ugly and are not for nothing in the Bible often named dragons. (Surprising that in other religions dragons play such a big role!)



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Good Morning Sonny89: I’m pretty sure that the morning star is the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise.

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Good Morning Bruno: I’m pretty sure that the morning star is the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise.

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All of the Angels from the very beginning were given enormous sanctity right off the bat. Every Angel can be considered to be a morning star. There were made into saints instantly. However some of them threw this away as did the devil and those who had followed him. Even though the devil threw away what God wanted him to have this angel can still pretend to be like any “holy angel”. St. Paul warns us in one of his letters that the devil can appear as an “angel of light”. This means the devil has the ability to fool us. So St. Paul tells us to be aware of this.


That is kind of strange God allows Satan to appear as angel of light, I would have thought ever since his fall, God would not allow him to take on this type of appearance…and really, the more I think about it, God ‘allows’ Satan prety much, considering what satan did to get kicked out of heaven in the first place! Why would he be able to appear as anything other than his true form, which Im guessing is a type of winged dragon/humanoid type being (supposed Draconian race?)…strange that he has ANY such powers imo.


The Bible never refers to Satan as the morning star. That website is using the NIV - a horrible translation of the Bible.

The term “Morning star” is used four times in the Bible. These refer to Jesus.

Sirach 50:6
2 Peter 1:19
Revelation 2:28
Revelation 22:16

The term “Day star” is used once in Isaiah 14:12, and it refers to the “One who fell from heaven”. The star which fell from heaven is also in Revelation 8:10

Morning star = Jesus
Day star = Satan

Nowhere does the Bible call Satan the morning star.



St. Paul discusses this in one of his letters. If the devil cannot get at you through temptation he can receive permission from God to appear as someone who looks good. It is not strange because the devil has all the properties of what angels enjoy and all angels have this power to appear before us as human. Therefore the devil to trick you may appear to you as a messenger from Heaven, or appear as Jesus or Mary and you might fall for it. Some of the false apparitions of the past 100 years has this signature. Even when St. Maria Faustina was writing her Diary the devil appeared before her pretending to be a holy angel and got to her to burn some of the Diary. Her Confessor told her this was not a holy angel so he instructed her to remember as best as she could what was destroyed. This does not mean that the devil enjoys perfect freedom. He has no freedom except what God allows. The devil is the greatest illusionist ever. That is how he gets to those who are more spiritual inclined. He is an illusionist better than David Copperfield. The trick to unmask him is to reveal him to others. He cannot stand it when others know what he is doing. The devil is actually a terrified creature who is more afraid of you than you are of him. He hides all that fear and brings up the illusion he is in control. To defeat him is to reveal all what he is trying to do with you. That is why it is very good to connect with a Father Confessor as such did St. Maria Faustina.


You do know this website considers Catholicism to be a “false religion”, don’t you? I don’t know if I would put credence in anything they had to say. :shrug:


I just find it very strange that Satan did what he did, was kicked out of heaven, he basically wanted Gods throne for himself, PLUS, as if that wasnt bad enough, he managed to sway the views of 1/3 of Gods angels and take them with him…WOW…that is pretty impressive and bold! Why would God allow Satan ANYTHING after this type of behavior? LOL Im wondering why God did not just turn him to dust right there on the spot, but Im tending to think Satan is doing exactly what God created him for, every single thing he has done, has been in Gods plan, Satan is there to be the ‘alternative’ for mankind…if he was not there, who would be tempting mankind…NO ONE, so satan is kind of needed to fill this position, although Im not sure why the bible makes the account of satans fall to be so dramatic and ‘against God’…Im sure God knew exactly what was going to happen when he created satan.

I dont see Satan being punished in any shape or form either, that also tells me he is doing what God wants him to do.


The devil is not as powerful as you think he is. God still uses these angels even though they are quite disobedient. God only allows certain parameters for these disobedient angels to follow. God does not allow the devil any more permission that what he is allowed. The fact is God uses these disobedient angels to help us in our own sanctity. God would never allow the devil to tempt us beyond our own abilities yet even with this we are shown to be quite weak. The fact is we are much stronger than we are called out to be. We need God to help us and once we have God the disobedient angels tremble. God would not discard these disobedient angels for He still can find use for them. If we did not have these disobedient angels contesting with us we as mankind probably would have been worse off.


Sure he does…just look at how many people cannot resist and give in to whatever is tempting them, or the ones that cant take it and kill themselves, they obviously had more than they could handle, but we are told God will never give us more than we can handle, so which one to believe?

God knows each of us intimately, he knows our limits, to a degree we probably dont even know ourselves, knowing this, its strange that anyone would commit suicide…ever.


St. Paul says in one of his letters that God never allows the devil to tempt us beyond our ability. This means that there is a way out of any temptation. The devil cannot force you to sin. The problem with those who are very sick especially with mental illnesses and depressions is they do need special care and help. I do not find it strange that people can commit suicide. We have incredible illnesses and depressions in peoples that must need more compassion and understanding from us the Church. Whenever a person takes their own life because of a mental illness and depression the responsibility to such an action toward God is not what you think it would be. God takes care of the soul much more when it is sick and has more compassion to save it even when the person decides to take one’s life. We are not talking so much about temptation here as many other factors are involved. When Paul talks about us resisting the devil and there is always a way out you must be aware of what is happening to you. When people are very sick this awareness is not there and the sickness can take over. Here it is the Church which must lend in the hand to help those who cannot help themselves. The responsibility than falls more on the Church to help those who are very sick. The problem today is too much neglect on the part of the clergy and on the Laity towards those who are mentally ill. Perhaps we need as the Church to understand more what we can do to help those who are going through very difficult times in their lives because of what the mental illness can do in them. So God does not treat those who are mentally ill the same way as He does who are not mentally ill. Here the Church must learn this distinction as well. God treats the mentally ill with much more compassion. And if someone does commit suicide and succeeds in the suicide, I am sure God will be there to help this person at those last moments. Yet I think the lack of the Church and the neglect of the Church ministering to such people is probably a worse concern. We need to be a more compassionate Church in these days where so many people can be so often lonely and abandoned.


Immanuel Velikovsky, who did a survey of all ancient texts to compile a timeline of correlations, suggests that Venus was once in an aberrant, irregular orbit, the rebel of the skies; and later Venus settled into a regular orbit. Satan is the “rebel” Venus/daystar; Christ is the stable “bright morning star.” Velikovsky, censored by closed-minded academics who threatened to boycott any publisher and shatter their academic market, did have a “hit” in his process in predicting, from ancient texts alone, that Venus was hot, contradicting the common scientific belief of the 1950’s. Check out Worlds in Collision for Einstein’s buddy, Velikovsky’s unique literalism.


Yes, but in the case of mental illness or disease, God would know this is effecting the person, and thus, not allow more than they can handle, factoring in the mental problems of course.


Yes you are right. We need to see that these other factors may be effecting them as well. God would love to lend out His Hands to anyone who is suffering so His Hands today are found in those Christians who are willing to comfort, encourage and give hope to so many peoples who are often so distressed living out their lives with mental disabilities and other sufferings.


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