Jesus and the Gerasene demoniac

Where did this occur…scripture says it was the Decapolis…where exactly is that…was it a Jewish city…if so what would Jews be doing with 2000 swine as they were considered unclean by Jewish law.

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From the Catena Aurea:

“Rabanus: Gerasa is a town of Arabia beyond Jordan, close to Mount Gilead, which was in the possession of the tribe of Manasseh, not far from the lake of Tiberias, into which the swine were precipitated.”

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The Samaritans did keep pigs. This is why the Jews despised them.
Also many other cultures of the surrounding areas did, keep swines!

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“Decapolis” is Greek for “Ten Cities.” This seems to have been a Gentile region, and almost certainly the swineherd was a Gentile.

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No, it was not a Jewish city. The Decapolis was an area of “Greek”, i.e. non-Jewish, inhabitants, mainly to the south of the Sea of Galilee. Gadara is the present-day Umm Qais in Jordan, close to the south bank of the Yarmuk River, which at that point marks the border between Jordan and Israel.



NO, there is a lot of history between the Samaritan and the Jewish faith. It was not about keeping pigs.


These Jews of this area could have been breeding pigs to sell to the Romans?

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What I do know is that the Gadarene who had been possessed was one of the very first lay evangelists.

Some maps do indeed show the general area of the Decapolis, but Gadara was a specific place.

It was a Gentile predominated area east of the Sea of Galilee. There are a number of little streams and tributaries that drain into the Sea of Galilee, and Gerasa/Gadara lay near one of these tributaries.

That questionably presumes that those inhabitants were observant Jews.

Maybe they were pets? Any pot-bellied piggies around?


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