Jesus appears to an old Muslim man in Iran


*The booming voice sounded again. It said; "Do you know who I am? I am the Bread of Life."
Thinking the presence was Allah, the amiable old man said, Allahu Akbar, which means God is Great.

“No, you are mistaken” came the voice. “I am not Allah” it said.

Immediately the old man knelt down, and then a radiant figure (Jesus) appeared in front of him. *

Read this entire true Testimony/book: here


What a nice story and there are so many more.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Something IS happening in the muslim world. It seems to be that a dream is happening in which Jesus is making Himself known. In such a society where the means of hearing the Christian message can mean death, He that is the Way is finding a way.

Some Christians are teaching that everyting of Isalm is not in any way connected to the God that both the Jews and Christians worship. It is hard to see our God within their religion.

But the more I read of what exactly the Catholic Church has stated, I find I am agreeing with the Vatican more and more. Our God is there, buried very deep, because without Holy Scripture to “twist”, even going so far as to re-name Jehovah with a demon’s name, even saying on the Dome of the Rock mosque “God has no son”, they do worhip God. They seek God. He is there , hardly recognizable, but there.


That’s beautiful. I have heard that because it is so dangerous for missionaries to preach in Islamic countries, that Jesus is appearing to Muslims in their dreams.

In the dream, Jesus told the man “I am not Allah”. Are God (God the Father) and Allah the same person? I hear some Jewish people say Elohim and Allah are not the same person, and I hear some Christians say Elohim & Allah are not the same beings, either. But then some say that Elohim & Allah are the same God.

Anyway, I find these dreams to be fascinating. Thanks for sharing :)!


Go Jesus Go Jesus Go Jesus Go Jesus!!!

Something is definantly happening in the muslim world.
Jesus’ religion he created will find its way in there.


This is WONDERFUL! This confirms to me that people may seek, even in their ignorance, to defeat the will of God, but God will still find a way! This gives me great hope for the future!

And now, I sit back, and I think about what I have just written, and I am ashamed. Do we not believe that God is all-powerful? So this is “child’s play” to Him! But what a wondrous work!

Thanks be to God!


I also found this story, there is a lot of them out there!


I also heard of a story about an Egyptian Muslim family who converted into Christianity after seeing their bible went up in flame, but was not burnt. Also there are millions of Muslims converting into Christianity every year. Thanks be to God!


What I wonder is, what was a Muslim family doing with a Bible? :confused:


I am a Catholic and I have 3 different qurans, so it is not a surprise that a muslim here or there gets a Bible!

Anyways, this is a great story! And it is not uncommon by any means. Baruch Hashem! Praise God!


I wouldn’t be nearly as surprised with a Catholic owning a Quran, actually. But a Muslim owning a Bible still is hard to believe for me. Not saying it’s impossible, but yeah I’m very surprised…


the only reason a muslim would have it for is if they were truly looking into becoming a catholic or trying to find errors in it.




I watched some pretty interesting testimonys given by former muslims on youtube.


I wouldn’t be nearly as surprised with a Catholic owning a Quran, actually. But a Muslim owning a Bible still is hard to believe for me. Not saying it’s impossible, but yeah I’m very surprised…

I would say more muslims own a Bible then Christians owning a quran. Am I wrong? Lol


I was under the impression from reading that article, that this man converted to a type of protestantism. If jesus really appeared to this man, don’t you think that he [Jesus] would have specifically emphasized the catholic faith?


God has His own timing about things. It may be that the walk Home has just begun. :slight_smile:

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