Jesus as Mediator Chat Room Transcript


Below is a transcript of a conversation I had in a Christian Chat room. Rather interesting. I am OLOPH and the main person I am chatting with is SUE. I began the chat by asking if the term Lord also meant God, then quoted Elizabeth calling Mary “Mother of my Lord” and how that shows that Mary is the Mother of God.

APU_QueenieK> olo are you christain?

[OLOPH] All week long and twice on Sunday.

sue> yes mary is the mother of God oloph
sue> oloph mary went to visit John the Baptist’ mother and jesus leaped in her womb
sue> so yes Mary is the mother of God, but she is not our intecessory to God

[OLOPH] Sue, will you pray for me?

sue> pray fo ryou??? oloph what do you mean

[OLOPH] I mean, will you pray to God for me? Will you offer up prayers for me to God?

sue> yes

[OLOPH] Thank you.

sue> what do you need

[OLOPH] But wait, Sue. How can you pray for me? Isn’t Jesus the only mediator between God and man?

sue> i p ray in JESUS N AME
sue> i pray to jesus and he offers my praeyrs to God

[OLOPH] You pray to Jesus? I thought we were supposed to pray to God THROUGH Jesus.

sue> you cant outfox me oloph
sue> i pray to jesus and he tells God

MGMom> Sue can offer prayers to God, and Jesus will mediate.

APU_QueenieK> its only thru Jesus that we can even have a relationship with God which is his father

sue> he cant out fool me Mgm
sue> amen apu
sue> we do not pray to Mary,
sue> or thru her

[OLOPH] Ah. Okay. So when you pray to Jesus and he tells God, then Jesus is the mediator between you and God? Correct?

sue> no

[OLOPH] So, Jesus isn’t the mediator between you and God?

sue> yes
sue> jesus says whatsoever you ask , ask in my name and i will tell the father

[OLOPH] Oh. So when the scriptures say that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man, what does that mean?

APU_QueenieK> he is a mediator kinda of

sue> exactly what it says oloph, i will not argue with you

[OLOPH] well, when Jesus prays to God for us, when He takes our prayers to God, isn’t that mediation?

sue> anyway im off to bed… oloph read your bible

[OLOPH] Sue, I"m confused. Perhaps you can clarify this for me. The scriptures say that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. What does it mean for Jesus to be our mediator? Don’t we pray to Jesus and He tells God? Isn’t that mediation?

sue> yes

[OLOPH] So Jesus is the only one who can take our prayers to God?

KittyKat> OLOPH we are not preachers, pastors, or ministers Please ask the right resources of your questions by clicking on the link they have provided where you can seek a mentor to answer your question Thank you!

sue> yes oloph
sue> my husband is a minister kit
sue> he was a pastor for 30 yrs

[OLOPH] Sue, my question then is, if Jesus takes our prayers to God, and that is being a mediator, and I ask you to pray for me and you pray to Jesus, then are you not acting as a mediator between me and Jesus?

MGMom> Sue, I agree with you. You know the word, but if someone comes here to argue, he won’t listen to you.

[OLOPH] I’m not arguing. I am asking questions.

sue> i pray for alot of people oloph, i ask jesus to help you even … in jesus name amen

[OLOPH] So then aren’t you acting as a mediator between those you pray for and Jesus?

sue> why are you asking this over and over and over oloph

[OLOPH] Because I haven’t received an answer yet.

sue> i pray an intercessory prayer for you

[OLOPH] If you pray for me to Jesus, are you a mediator?

sue has left room #thelife


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