Jesus Band-Aids


I found some Jesus bandages in the store and bought them because I think they’re pretty, not as a mocking jester. Do you think these bandages are mocking, hateful or sinful?


I saw someone wearing one once, they are kinda silly in my opinion.


I don’t believe they are any of the above; however, I believe it to be in poor taste to add His image to a product that ends up in the medical waste, however well-intentioned the meaning.

I would not purchase or use them b/c a) I neither am nor have a child, and these are clearly a children’s product; b) I would not want to use His image this way, YMMV.

What was the nature of the “toy” enclosed?

God bless and ICXC NIKA!


Ehhh…I’m indecisive on this one. I’m just considering all the “Catholic stickers” out there with images of our Lord, the saints, etc. Most of which also end up in the trash after being used by kids, yet I’ve never heard anyone complain about them being irreverent. Not sure this is really all that different if the image is suitably respectful? Also it’s hard to know what spirit they are meant in without being able to read the box, for instance, or see the free toy included. If those indicated mockery it would be best to pass them by regardless.


No, I would absolutely not buy these. :nope:

I would encourage people, instead… to wear a beautiful medal or crucifix… with Our Lord’s Image. Much more respectful… in my humble opinion.

God bless.


I wouldn’t buy them myself because I don’t have kids. But I don’t see anything wrong or offensive about them.

Jesus the healer! :wink:


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