Jesus' blood type.


I would like a clarification.

Fr Serpa gave the following response.

Dear Gene,

Even though Jesus received all this genetic inheritance from His mother, He did not receive His blood from her. The baby in the womb is completely separate from the mother. Often the child will have an entirely different blood type from the mother. His blood was solely His.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P


Mary is the sole human componant in the incarnation. Since Jesus received all [100 %] of His genetic inheritance from Mary, why not her blood type also? And if He didn’t get His blood from her, how do we know He didn’t? Who did he get it from?


Dear Steve,

This is certainly not my field and I should have been more precise. But from what I have learned from those who know, a baby receives all of its genetic inheritance from the gene pool of both of its parents which includes their ancestors. With Jesus, of course, His genetic inheritance came solely through His mother. It came through her, but included the whole gene pool she had inherited so that He could inherit characteristics from her ancestors that passed her generation by. Therefore He could have a different blood type from hers. We know that men inherit the characteristic of baldness from their mother’s father. It comes from the generation before her. We also see such characteristics as eye and hair color that can skip a generation or more. One of our staff members here at Catholic Answers has two children who have red hair. Neither he nor his wife has red hair.

Now, it’s possible that Jesus did have the same blood type that His mother had. We don’t know. But it is also possible that He didn’t. The mother’s blood supply does not flow into the child’s body. The child’s blood system is completely separate from its mother’s. This is what I was trying to say in my first answer and expressed so clumsily.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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