Jesus body as a ransom


Hi, I have been asked by my JW friend that if Jesus gave his body for a ransom for all how can he have been resurrected in that body. Once he gave it he can’t take it back. I beleive that Jesus was raised in his glorious body which is different from his mortal body but still recognizable to those to whom he appeared. How did I do? Any thoughts out there? Thanks


Dear Jeanne,

When we say that Jesus gave His body in ransom, we don’t mean that He literally gave it away. We mean that He willingly subjected His body to torture and death in order to pay the price for our sins. When we say that a soldier at war gave his life for his country, we don’t mean that he literally gave his life to someone or something. We mean that he sacrificed his life for the good of his countrymen.

Incidentally, the body Jesus has now is the same body He had on the cross. But now it is glorified. This is His plan for us as well at the end of time.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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