Jesus Body Resurrection

Did Jesus have the scars from the scouring and thorns as well as the Five Wounds?

Quick answer is we don’t know because there is no written record about them. We only are certain that the major wounds are there since Jesus Himself told doubting Thomas to touch the holes of the nails in his hands and put his finger on his side where the spear entered HIS body to pierce HIS heart.
Jesus is GOD and can retain any features of HIS Glorified Body HE wishes to keep or heal it. I am certainly nobody to judge HIM. :laughing:


however, there is no particular reason to think he did not retain those.


In his glorified body, he can choose what to show but there is no pain or sorrow in Heaven.
You have St Thomas, for whose sake Jesus showed wounds, and then you have St John in Revelation who had a vision of Christ without wounds.

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