"Jesus Camp" disbanded

This past Saturday, I thought I’d woken up in another country. A Christian-run summer camp that was the subject of a movie called “Jesus Camp” has closed its doors. Why? The camp wasn’t doing anything wrong, actually. They were instilling the children with the Christian faith and preparing them for spiritual warfare. Perhaps it was the fact that they also fervently pray for the end of abortion and that they daily bless President George W. Bush. After the movie was released, the camp began becoming the target of vandalism and other such nonsense, so for the safety of the children the preacher running the camp decided to close the camp.Look, I know we Christians aren’t supposed to be accepted by the world at large. But I’m getting quite tired of this country, which is supposed to allow freedom of religion, becoming a place where Christians are slowly beginning to feel unwelcome. We Christians were the ones who started this country in the first place. Yet evolution is taught in our schools and no one can even mention God there. A couple years ago, an atheist named Michael Newdow tried to remove the “Under God” phrase from our pledge of allegiance. May stores refuse to say “Merry Christmas” during the Christmas season (even though they ironically still apprecieate our business) And now this happens. What has happened to our once Christian country?

I think I saw bits and pieces of that. I didn’t get the full context, but did have misgivings about how GWB was treated like a new prophet. This would not excuse vandalism of course.

Your point is well taken. If your religion is anything other than Christianity, you get treated with kid gloves.

We are being told that we are not allowed to talk about our faith anymore–It may offend someone.:mad:


I for one am going to make it a point to say Merry Christmas this year.

As for the Jesus Camp----shame on those people who vandalize. I send my daughter to christian camps over the summer. Thankfully–none of them are advertised nationally, I guess.:frowning:

Us christians need to band together and stand up for our beliefs no matter what. That is what the Apostles did!! We should be willing to risk our lives for Jesus.

Of course, I personally dont want to die,but I would like to think if push came to shove I would indeed die instead of forsaking Him.:thumbsup:

For all we know the vadalism may have been caused by other christians who disagree with the camp.

Indeed, I remember when i had to go to bible camp. Unlike regular camps, its oppressive and irritating. Cant play cards–> work of devil. Cant read comics–> work of devil. Cant tell ghost stories—work of devil. Cant eat junk—work of devil etc

O how I hated that place. Could it be its mrely some kids lashing out? Ino id go postal if subjected to Bible camp again ><

Plus, there’s the issue with that Haggad(sp?) guy. Who was featured in the film (and later complained because it made him look insincere :rolleyes: ). I would imagine there are quite a few christians upset with him.

Is this the same camp which the media protrayed is “Christian Jihad”, training Christian Children to kill for Jesus.
If it is, and that was not the purpose of the camp, then the vandals probably believed what they were told by the media, and thought that they were doing the world a service.

IT was portrayed in a film. From what I read, there was not narrator or commentary other than the people of the camp speaking.

Thankfully, in my city, there are many vacation Bible schools, both Catholic and Protestant. My parish had one this past summer. There are also classes at the Jewish community center, including classes for people who are not Jewish but wish to learn about the Jewish faith called “Taste of Judaism.” The only reason I never attended is because I have a good friend who was raised as an Orthodox Jew, but became Reform as an adult. He told me about how he studied Hebrew and the Torah, and how he learned what he needed to read for his Bar Mitzvah. He also explained the Holidays, including the special foods for Passover (and using up all the other foods that were not Kosher for Passover before the Passover Holiday). I appreciate the Jewish faith and the Jewish Holidays, especially because they have not become overly commercialized, like the Christian Holidays.

Well I just saw the movie twice ( rented of course ). The DVD version has a lot of scenes removed. It did not show the kid with the tail preaching in his military garb.


Oh my God, my Gaydar went off when they showed Ted Haggard talking with some people.

The guy is definitely Gay. Total state of denial.

I wanted to watch this movie but haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

Presently I can’t comment on the fairness of the portrayal. Even without narration, it is possible that creative editing can make be as influential as negative commentary.

Still, what I saw about the camp sounded very frightening but again, I’d have to see the movie for myself to judge. Extreme fundamentalists have always seemed a bit cult like to me but again, I haven’t seen the film, so I don’t know if the people are extreme or only depicted that way.

Vandalizing the camp was wrong, no matter who did the damage. I’d say that if it was a camp full of radical anti Catholics also.

Does anyone have a link to the film or some portion of the film on line?

I’M SO GLAD! I saw the film, it was terrifying. I have no problem with religious camps and teaching kids about the faith they’re supposed to fall into but those people where practically brainwashing their kids. The group I watched the film with consisted of people from several different faiths and a few atheists. We all agreed that what those people were doing was borderline child abuse. When a little kid says that non christian people make him feel “icky” you know something isn’t right…or when a 5 year old is in hystarics because he doubted his faith for a minute and was petrified of going to hell because of it. Thats just not right.

Heres a link to the trailer

and the website

I watched a part of this video a months ago. I found only a few short clips of it online.The bits I found on line were very mild compared to what I had seen previously.

While I would never stand behind the vanidalization of the camp, I’m not sure its place I could ever support. For one thing I have no doubt that those children are taught a lot of lies about Catholics. I will not support anything that is anti-Catholic.

The things I did see were disturbuing to put it mildly. LIke someone else here said, it is boarderline child abuse in some cases.

I have the movie… it is disturbing… I’ve never seen so many 7 year olds cry at once! They were made hysterical… and of course the scene where a girl feels called by God to go give a pamphlet to a girl at a bowling alley… a Jack Chick tract, of course! I would never support the heretical garbage and the child abuse that goes on there… :mad: It’s worth seeing, there’s very little to be taken out of context, it’s pretty straight-forward.

I watched the movie with an open mind. Well, let me say that I tried to watch it with an open mind. I decided to watch this one for the sake of understanding more fully my neighbors down the street who keep trying to evangelize me.

Those kids have no choice to be regular kids. The comments about ghost stories, Harry Potter, and labeling GW as a prophet were way over the top.

I just don’t quite grasp some of the teachings that were explained to the kids. :confused: What is the deal with kids speakiing in tongues? And another thing: what is the deal with churches being “dead” because the participants don’t jump up and down and shout? If there is anybody who could clue me in on this I would really appreciate it. It will help with my better understanding of my neighbors.

Most of what I saw on there was border line child abuse. I am sorry that her camp was vandalized and had to shut down. Two wrongs never make a right.

The Toronto ‘Blessing’ (An Overview)
The Brownsville ‘Revival’ (An Overview)
Audio/Video Documentation of Pentecostal Heresy!
E. W. Kenyon, born in the 1860’s, began his spiritual life as a Methodist but eventually moved into Pentecostalism. He became immersed in Unitarian false teachings and combined these elements with those of Phineas Quimby’s mind science cults and New Thought theology. New Thought teaches that correct thinking and believing accompanied by positive confession has the power to change reality, health, wealth, or sickness. It also teaches the deity of man. Many of the phrases popularized by present-day prosperity preachers, such as “What I confess, I possess,” were originally coined by Kenyon. Thus, it was not charismaticism that spawned this new heresy - but it provided the soil in which it grew.

glossolalia Many Christian evangelists encourage their audiences to engage in “speaking in tongues.” While engaged in this practice, performers (both preachers and worshipers) mumble gibberish which is believed by the faithful to be a secret prayer language understood only by God. The fact that each person mumbles differently matters not a whit. God, angels, and anointed ministers, we are told, are able to understand.

Technically, this psychological phenomenon is known as glossolalia. Early Methodists, Quakers, Shakers, and Mormons adopted it, then de-emphasized it. It fell into disuse until about 1830, when it reappeared in England among “females of excitable temperament,” Until recently, there was not much emphasis on it in Christianity but now the Pentecostal sects have revived it.

Non-Christian glossolalia predates the modern version considerably, being described in very ancient religions and known in primitive societies untouched by Christianity. It was known to Plato, who described it in use in his day: Greek and Roman oracles spoke in tongues. Virgil wrote, in the Aenead, Book Six, about a Roman Sibyl who babbled that way.

Montanism- , apocalyptic movement of the 2d cent. It arose in Phrygia (c.172) under the leadership of a certain Montanus and two female prophets, Prisca and Maximillia, whose entranced utterances were deemed oracles of the Holy Spirit. They had an immediate expectation of Judgment Day, and they encouraged ecstatic prophesying and strict asceticism. They believed that a Christian fallen from grace could never be redeemed. Prisca claimed that Christ had appeared to her in female form. When she was excommunicated, she exclaimed "I am driven away like the wolf from the sheep. I am no wolf: I am word and spirit and power."
The belief that the prophecies of the Montanists superseded the doctrines proclaimed by the Apostles

  1. Called by its followers “the New Prophecy”, this movement is known to us as Montanism after its founder Montanus, a convert to Christianity. Around the year 170 he began to proclaim to his fellow believers that he was a prophet, that he was the very mouthpiece of that Spirit which the Lord had promised would “teach all things and guide into all truth” (John 14:26; 16:13). Montanus was soon joined by two women, Priscilla and Maximilla who like him delivered oracles in a state of ecstacy, speaking not in their own persons but in that of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Montanus and his companions represented a revival of the apocalyptic spirit and announced the forthcoming end of the world. The Lord was about to return, and the new Jerusalem would be set up in the vicinity of the town of Pepuza in Phrygia. As preparation for the end of all things they purified themselves and cut themselves loose from their attachments to society. The Phrygians, as they were frequently called, fasted longer and more elaborately than other Christians and discouraged marriage.

thanks for that bit of history. i really appreciate it:D

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