jesus camp documentry


hey reborn here, now i know this is catholic forums but i found this documentry about a group of evanglicals in north dakota named jesus camp

if your interested here is a link to the trailer of it

soo yeah feel free to post replies about your opinions this documentry


Actually it’s quite on topic, the film was made by a Catholic filmmaker with a Jewish filmmaker who were both concerned about the issue.

It was made to show the dangerous extremes of fundamentalism. It was actually made by a catholic who was interested in finding out about these groups and went to them saying so.


yep i’ve actually seen the whole thing at my friend’s house, if this isn’t radical christian fundilism i don’t know what is

and my girlfriend who is catholic said its sick how they brainwash these kids


Along similar lines, Alexandra Pelosi has a new documentary out called “Friends of God” which follows around Evangelicals. She even spends time with Ted Haggard, just a week before the scandal broke.


Ah yes, the fruits of sola scriptura and personal Jesus and private revelation (tablets of gold and all that stuff).

This is what happens when what is considered ‘the Gospel of Jesus’ is open to any one’s interpretation.

Teachable moment here, my non-Catholic friends (including neo-gothic-rave-wiccan-alternative-new age-pagans ones!!)

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