Jesus Camp?


I found this trailer for a new movie. I went to church camp when I was a kid and don’t remember it this way at all. I’m a little disturbed. Any opinions?


I don’t have quicktime… what’s it say?


It just shows a bunch of kids going to bible camp, and there are 10 and 11 year olds jerking around on the floor, crying with arms raised screaming for “righteous justice”, saying that they are preparing to be in God’s Army, etc. It’s just very…different…from what I remember.

I think this link works for WindowsMedia…


Just as a FYI, Michael Medved had the two creators of the film on his radio program for an hour segment last week. They denied having any hidden agenda or bias at all; he was flabbergasted to hear them say that and pointed out many specific instances that sounded pretty over the top for a so-called “docu-drama.”

I looked, but can’t find any mention on his website yet.

I haven’t seen the film or the trailer.


It looks very much like the brainwashing done on future suicide bombers by Al-Quida.



I’m not Catholic, was raised Protestant, and went to an Evangelical church for awhile last year in college. Is this how Catholics view Protestants? Just wondering.


Not me.

God Bless,


Not most protestants/ evangelicals. This seems very fringe


Yes it is disturbing. Some of those kids will turn out just like David Koresh or Jim Jones.

Believe me I know that type, I grew with up them. These if they succeed will usher in legislature to shut down our Catholic faith because their ignorance transcends all rationale.


I found the tape disturbing to say the least. It seemed to promote hate against non Christians. Didn’t see a lot about the love of God. What are they teaching these children, nothing good.



I am an evangelical christian and I sent my teen to a bible camp over the summer. It was not like this one. They were more reserved. The kids flopping on the floor bothers me. I dont really believe in all that stuff.

You couldnt really tell 100% what they were teaching the kids. Hopefully not to become like the terrorists:eek:

As far as teaching them to be warriors for Jesus, I see nothing wrong with that as long as it is through love and peace not physical fighting.

That woman was right about what she said about 2 kinds of people in the world. You either love Jesus or are against Jesus. Jesus himself said this.:smiley:

I myself and a conservative follower of Christ. But I want my children to be fired up for Jesus.:dancing: :bounce: I was not raised that way and I wish I could be like some of those charismatic groups they way they celebrate with such enthusiasm. I was raised episcopalian so we didnt get all fired up for Jesus. My church is imbetween the way we worship.

What I wouldnt want to come from a camp like this is a child becoming judgemental. That would be my worry. My daughter has made some judgemental comments about some catholic doctrine(friends who are catholic). I have quickly explained to her that she cannot and should not talk or act that way. I explain we have different beliefs but it should never interfere with showing love to anyone.

Enough from me.:smiley:


The movie was not made by Catholics. The producers are secular.



By secular do you mean non-catholic christians?:confused: Because when I think secular I think of people who embrace the views of society rather God’s views.


That was my first thought.


Here is my take on the trailer to this film, which I have lifted from another forum where I post. I have edited the post slightly to reflect the sensibilities of this forum. :

[quote=flameburns623]Christian camp does tend to be high-energy simply because camps USUALLY are pretty high-energy . . . . to keep the attention of the kids, y’know. Sport camps and scouting had a lot of Rah! Rah! stuff too. But this film is just a slam against Christianity. Moreover, it seems to be based upon some sort of Pentecostal sect, given the speaking in tongues, saying-in-the-Spirit, etcetera. I went to Christian camp for four years–never saw ANYTHING like that. Never pledged to the Christian flag (we did say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag). Never wore camo. Never declared ‘war’ on unbelievers, though I think some of our youth pastors did speak at times of being caught up in a ‘war’ against sin. (Aren’t there still some pretty martial sounding songs in Catholic hymnals? Do Catholic priests never speak on spiritual warfare?


I went to a private Baptist school for 4-6 grade and that mentality (minus the flopping on floor and speaking in tongues stuff) is pretty much what they tried to drill in our heads. They succeeded for most of the kids, but I was a little too mature for their poor techniques. We said a pledge to the Christian flag before we said the pledge of allegience (sp?) to the U.S. flag. Preschool kids would “get saved” on a regular basis. I hated it and I knew it was wrong and it totally turned me off to God and any form of religion until my boyfriend took me to Ash Wednesday services my junior year of high school.


If you look at the video from ABC about this at which is posted at YouTube, they interview a woman who says the Evangelical youth movement will have a negative impact on this country’s future because they are “inflexible” on issues such as abortion and gay marriage. It seems to me the creators of the film also set out to demonize Christianity. Admittedly, Evangelicals can go over the top sometimes and so they may provide a lot of great propaganda moments for anti-Christians. But there are other tricks to the film, like the horror movie music in the trailor which starts the viewer off by setting a mood of anxiety. Try to imagine the same images with more joyful music and I think you can imagine how this could have been a completely different documentary.

Here is the ABC report on “Jesus Camp” at YouTube:


I am actually interested in seeing this. I wonder if many Catholics see this as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of deal.


I watched the entire movie.

It left me sick and scared.


I wonder if many Catholics see this as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of deal.

I really doubt it. I know there are non-catholic Christians like this but I know that the significant majority are not. I also, do not revel in seeing other faiths misrepresented after seeing and hearing Catholicism maligned so many times. And the same errors over and over.

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