Jesus Camp


:confused: Has anyone heard of the new documentary titled Jesus Camp?
Its about our “friends” the evangelical christians and how they are brainwashing children to achieve their political ends? is this moral? is this ethical? What is the Catholic point of view on this issue?
I would love to hear your thoughts!


Yes, I’ve seen it. Seems like there was a special on regular TV about the pastor, when I saw the movie, I decided to rent it.

It’s scary.


I’ve seen it with my “Spiritual Journey” group. We are a group of Friends, Episcopalians, Jewish, Muslim and Catholics who meet once a week for discussion on various topics.

We watched Jesus Camp…it was chilling in several places…very uncomfortable to watch. I understand “Jesus Camp” has closed down due to the protest and outcry this film produced.


Well thank God for that. I saw it as well, chilling is a good word to describe it.


I saw a bit of it a while back, very bad indeed, children crying their eyes out etc
It was just wrong, people should be brought to Jesus through love not fear.


perfect and amen! :slight_smile:


I thought it was a few years old and I thought the camp closed? :confused:

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