Jesus Christ Superstar actor hanged himself over lung cancer fear

[quote=Telegraph]An actor who starred in Jesus Christ Superstar, the musical, hanged himself after fearing he had lung cancer, even though he was totally healthy.

Source Here.

It’s very saddening, although it’s old news, maybe a prayer isn’t too late.

God Bless.


We no longer consider *all *suicides as *automatically *going to Hell. Prayers are never too late. The article said he was due to see a psychiatrist. We cannot know what a dying person’s last thoughts were; if they turned to God at the very moment of death or not.

And someone that commits suicide, in most cases, clearly has deep-seated psychological issues. I think cases of murder/suicide, as we have seen with school shootings, are different, for even though they are clearly deranged (sp?) they have made not only the clear decision to kill, but have done so for an extended period before taking their own life. Those people have begun their time in Hell while they are on earth.

But who can know the depths of God’s mercy, especially in the case of someone that took their own life in the midst of great fear and suffering? Their culpability is lessened, I think. It is God’s to judge.

I will pray for him.

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