Jesus Christ...

Jesus Christ…
Jesus Christ said over and over again,
“This IS My Body.” Mt 26:26, Mk 14:22, Lk 22:19, Jn 6:48-70.
Some Protestants say, “This is NOT His body.” However, they cannot show the verses which say this. If that is the case, then why do they say it?
Do you believe what Jesus Christ said, or what some Protestants say?
“He who does not believe the Son, makes Him a liar;” 1John 5:10

I agree. After all, the New Covenant applies to all of us, not just those who lived during Christ’s time. So why shouldn’t we all partake of His Body and Blood (especially in light of what He said about it)?

Quite true, Bill. As you know, Catholics and Lutherans agree on this point.

But he didn’t tell us how it happens. He never says transubstantiated. In fact, for that matter, He never says sacramental union. Perhaps we would all do well to listen to John of Damascus:
“… if you enquire how this happens, it is enough for you to learn that it was through the Holy Spirit, just as the Lord took on Himself flesh that subsisted in Him and was born of the holy Mother of God through the Spirit”


I have gone to many protestant churches while I was out of Catholicism, but I never understood the communion thing. I love the fact that we truly believe in The Body and The Blood of the Eucharist. out of the hundreds of Protestant services I have gone to, prior to me reverting, I received communion 10-15 times.

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