Jesus created angels through Him and for Him

I am referring to Jesus before the Incarnation.I keep running across this statement in various readings. This may sound dumb, but is this the same as created *by *Him and for Him. I know sometimes a single word can change a meaning in Scripture. Any thoughts on this.

Which specific reading? Please give us the Scripture book, chapter and verse. Hard to answer when your question is vague.

Jesus is the creator. everything is created by Him, from the designs and will of the Father

I have run across this is various reading down through the years, of which I don’t have a record. However, I am currently reading in the book This Is Our Fathi by Michael Francis Pennock on page 39 paragraph 2. This book is I will be using for an online CEU class this coming month. He is referencing the CCC-331 page 96. The quote here is In fact, Jesus Christ is the Lord of the angels because they were created through* and for him. But I have seen this wording many other places too over the years and wondered about it then.*

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