Jesus crucified by romans for high treason?

I’m debating this atheist over Jesus burial .
Was Jesus convicted of high treason under Roman law ?
If so doesn’t the Roman law not allow proper burial under this conviction . I’m a bit stumped .can someone help
God bless

Here is the digesta

But what of the Roman practice of leaving bodies on the cross to rot? Although it was common practice, there were exceptions. Consider the following exceptions from the summary of Roman law known as the Digesta:

The bodies of those who are condemned to death should not be refused their relatives; and the Divine Augustus, in the Tenth Book of his Life, said that this rule had been observed. At present, the bodies of those who have been punished are only buried when this has been requested and permission granted; and sometimes it is not permitted, especially where persons have been convicted of high treason (48.24.1).

No, Pilate condemned Jesus to death simply because he was afraid of the Jews. He feared the possible uprising that could come, led by the pharisees, if Jesus was not put to death, because he had been warned by Rome to get into control of the situation in Jerusalem.

There is no evidence that Jesus was convicted of treason. This is something claimed by anti-Christians who want to make Jesus a political figure.

Jesus was crucified for blasphemy by the romans at the insistence of the jewish religious authority

Remember, Pilate ‘washed his hands’ to the Jesus case. Rome was ‘removed’ from the case. It was Caiaphus who was threatened by the challenge to his authority frm Jesus, it would have overturned his cushy religious empire if Jesus kept going, he needed him removed. Caiaphus apparently wasn’t a big picture guy and only saw an immediate threat needing removal. The Hebrews could not execute people, so he had to arrange for the Romans to do it.

The tricky part is who killed Jesus? Personally, I see it as a personal grudge by Caiaphus, not a Jewish people thing.

I spent some time a few years ago with a Greek Orthodox priest, we discussed this a bit, his take was that even today, it would be the senior clergy who would balk at any messiah who didn’t meet their preconceived expectations. I would like to think the human experience has grown over the last two millenia, but not entirely certain.

According to my Synoptic Gospels class, Jesus was put to death based on the allegation that He was promoting Himself as King. Independent tribal kings were not permitted under Roman rule.

Rome was needed to carry out the sentence, because the Jews authorities weren’t allowed to perform executions.

But isn’t calling yourself king grounds for treason under Roman law ?

No, because Jesus wasn’t a Roman citizen.

I know it’s Christ was killed on a technicality but was he killed for treason or not ?
Diesntbthe Bible say he was killed for treason ?

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that He was killed for treason. The Jews wanted Him dead for committing “blasphemy,” and the Romans because He was a rabble-rouser who was calling Himself King.

Can you guys point me to any links that talk about it ?
I can’t seem to find anything good from our side . Doesn’t the Bible specifically talk about treason being the reason because he made himself king of the Jews .now I know that he told Pilate his kingdom is not of this world but didn’t pilate have to execute him under Roman law

It wasn’t treason.

Grace but what is the Roman law against anyone calling himself a king ? Isn’t that treason ?
I sure wish I had some links that cheated this issue up but I can’t seem to find any that are definitive on this :frowning:

Ok but where can I find more info on this ?

It’s only treason if the crime against Rome was committed by a Roman citizen, which Jesus was not.

Google it. I don’t know.

Yes I understand all this but technically was he put to death for being a king isn’t that treason

Hmm I’ve heard that also , I’m going to email a few catholic and Protestant apologists also . Me and my analytical mind lol

If you’re going by the Scripture accounts, that’s not what happened. Pilate found him not guilty of the charges, but allowed him to be crucified based on the demands of the leadership in Jerusalem.

From the account, it would seem that he was appeasing the Jews in Jerusalem. (Passover was a very tense period for Romans in Jerusalem; after all, their occupying force was dwarfed by the numbers of Jews in town for the Passover. Of all times, that was not the time to risk a popular uprising.)

In fact, Pilate puts a somewhat sarcastic sign above Jesus’ head on the cross, presumably to get the goat of the Jewish leaders (and it works!).

So, I’d say “no” to high treason.

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