Jesus died for our sins, a question


I am trying to reconcile two things that I believe to be true:

  1. Jesus died for our sins
  2. We are accountable for our sins, and if we die in a state of mortal sin, we can go to hell

If we need to basically be free of sin in order to die in the state of grace, when what did Jesus’ death for our sins accomplish?
Will it not cover our sins?



Jesus death paid the price for our sins, which now makes it possible for us to have our sins forgiven. If he would not have redeemed us, we would not be able to have our sins forgiven. As such, we would have no hope of attaining heaven, no matter how many times we repented and no matter how holy our lives became. We would be without hope.

Jesus’ sacrificial death and infinite merits do not cover our sins; rather, his sacrifice satisfied the justice of God and made it possible for us to have our sins washed away. Not covered over, but washed away.



You can stop at 1) and rejoice!


Will God save you and bring you into heaven against your will? Does Love compel us to love back?


God does not save us against our will but he does change our will.


Does He change our will against our will?


That all makes sense. However, as part of the fallen human race, we all sin. Which makes us in need of a savior. But we continually fall back into sin.


Not Always!! and not into all sins.


I feel that we always fall back into sin, which is why we will never stop needing to go to confession.


No. He sends His grace but we have to receive it willingly and cooperate.

Regarding Jesus’ death for our sins. Through His death He merited the restoration of “life” to our souls (sanctifying grace). When Adam sinned death entered; not just death of the body, but death of the soul. Nothing, absolutely nothing, we do could ever restore that. We’re just simply incapable of it. Jesus merited a restoration of life - life in the soul at Baptism; life in the body at the final resurrection. Mortal sin destroys that supernatural life in our soul; separates us from it. Without it we cannot enter heaven. We do not merit the grace, it is freely given in Baptism; but we can lose it through our sinful deeds.



Were you responding to my post? I just realized you might have been.


You can stop at 1) [Jesus died for our sins] and rejoice!

If so, why would you ask such a question as “Will God save you and bring you into heaven against your will?” if you were just told that “Jesus died for our sins”?

Seriously! Do you plan on setting your will in opposition to Jesus’ forgiveness? I would advise just rejoice and be glad that Jesus did die for our sins.


How would you know if God is changing your will against your will if you did not know that God is changing your will? (did that make sence)


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