Jesus died on April 2nd (...says the JW's)


My step-father was recently visited by the JW’s, and they said that Jesus actually died on April 2nd.

Now, I’m not sure about all the details of their discussion, but it sounds like the JW’s were using this idea as a selling point. On the other hand, it could simply be that my step-father was just curious.

Is anyone familiar with this idea? What verification do we have that Jesus actually died on “Good Friday” as we understand it, and not April 2nd?

Thank you.


After doing a little research, it appears the date varies from year to year. It also seems this is the only “holiday” they celebrate each year. They call it “The Memorial.”


Actually, the Memorial as they call it,
is celebrated the night BEFORE crucifixion day (or impalement day, or whatever they think ).

If Nisan 14 actually fell on the equivalent of April 2, 33 A.D., then we have no problem. But they claim to have a lot of knowledge that none of us whoring Babylonish Christendom members have.


They also get the Nisan 14 thing wrong…Passover begins at Sundown between 14 and 15 Nisan…The JW’s got it right this year, but have been several days off the beginning of Passover several times.

Unless you know your bible well getting involved in discussions with JW’s can be frustrating…they know their proof texts well, even if most of them are taken WAY out of context, and they practice debating in what they call “the theocratic ministry school” on a weekly basis.

As we can not be sure in what year Jesus was born (I buy into the 6 BC date…nor what year he died…there’s no way of knowing exactly what day Jesus died on…except that in was Nisan 15 by the Jewish Calendar (though in the Gospel of John the case of Nisan 14 can be made…but I think that was done on purpose by the author of John to show Christ dying at the time the passover lamb was slaughtered a few hours before passover began at Sundown.


The Theocratic Ministry School.
What awful memories.
What boring twaddle we had to sit through.


I’d love a jw to try and spit that stuff at me.
They are so concerned with numbers, dates, chapters, verses, etc. that they miss the entire meaning of the scriptures on which they claim to base their faith.


Not familiar with the concept, but how is this a selling point for JW’s? What difference would that make?


My only guess is that they could claim special knowledge, and that the Catholic Church changed the actual day. If they could establish one point, then they have something to build on. This is merely speculation anyhow. Initially, their goal is to their “foot in the door,” and it sounds like this is an issue that struck a chord with him.


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