Jesus Fully Man?


I read that the Coptic Rite (and other Eastern Rites) holds that Jesus was divine but not human or not fully human. Can’t it be believed that Jesus could do all that He did for us (Redemption, Atonement, etc.) and not have been completely human? How would disregarding the complete humanity of Christ affect the Theology of Christianity?


Dear PDR,

For starters: If Jesus was not truly man, then Scripture is not to be believed and is worthless—as is 2000 years of Christian teaching and belief. “The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us…” (John 1: 14). Note that it doesn’t say that He imitated flesh or that He wore flesh. It says that He BECAME flesh. To say otherwise contradicts not only Sacred Scripture, but Sacred Tradition as well. The Church would then be founded on nothing. There would be no Christianity.

Christianity is an incarnate religion. By the fact that Jesus became truly incarnate, all of creation bears the imprint of his touch. His incarnation tells us so much about God and His infinite love for us that we could never know in any other way. But most of all, His passion and death were not merely an act or a divine slight of hand. Jesus is God and He truly suffered and died for us. Amen.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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