Jesus Has Come to You (Scenario)

Jesus has appeared before your very eyes, in the middle of a day of work/rest, and you have the ability to:

Ask 10 questions, and Request 3 things, what are they?

I believe some of the most common requests will be: For the person’s faith to never be disturbed, or guranteed way to heaven, of course I think they are both the same thing in the end lol.

Here is my answers:

  1. Is this Catholic Church Christ’s true Church? (Yes, I know, their is proof but honestly, if I was told it straight from Jesus face to face, I wouldn’t doubt it ever)

  2. Which one of my family member’s are in heaven and which are in hell? (Sorry, but its a ancestor thing)

  3. Is the bible completely true, literally, or are many of them symbolic stories and such?

  4. If so, which ones?

  5. What is it like, being the ruler of rulers?

  6. Did OJ Simpson do it? (sorry, had to ask)

  7. Do you have any books on Michael vs Lucifer? (I loved the story as a Christian, and I would like to see it)

  8. Do they have a library in heaven? (Imagine it, "Welcome to the Library of God, we have every book, every edition of every book, +We have most of the authors) haha

  9. What is your opinoin on Einstein’s brain? (I love Einstein’s brain, he was very smart, and would like to know god’s opinoin on it)

  10. What’s your favorite color? (50$ bucks says its a color we can’t imagine, like, so bright or fantastic it’d blind us, which would stink)

My requests would be:

  1. Can we play a game of chess?

  2. Can I work in the library? (If their is one, and if I make it to heaven)

  3. Can I have 100$ billion dollars (I could pay for my college, I could buy my dream house, which is a plantation house, and I could live my dream, to live on a farm so big, I could drive across it for days, and never worry about going into someone else’s property, and have 1000’s of cows on it, grazing constantly, and just watch them to the day I die, and I could finally have a secret library installed)

So, what would you guys ask and request?

~Edit~ and if I could ask two more it’d be, was Elvis really abducted, and is Mel Brooks in Heaven.

Hahaha, you’re a funny guy. :rotfl::cool:

Your sampling of questions is interesting. How do you think these answers will help you?
Most humans cannot answer some of these, and the answers are within the deposit of faith in the Catholic Church.


  1. Why me?
  2. Have you come to bring me home, Lord?
  3. Speak, Lord, thy servant is listening.
  4. How good and faithful a servant have I been?
    … and others along the same vein…


  1. Love for all (aka Jesus’ love)
  2. Complete trust in Him
  3. Permanent sinless state (not sure that this would be good 4 me though)

How would you know this was really Jesus? I think the bible mentions there will be a imposter that will appear near the end that people will think is the Messiah, but is not.
I’d need to be certain it was **really **Jesus appearing before me and then I would ask quesitons. If I could be certain it was, I would be wondering what he was doing appearing before me. But, he may answer that with a question or something. :o

The most important question - how to get to Heaven - was already answered for me (the answer is love), so if I could ask some questions, it’d be:

  1. How can I love You more?
  2. What is my vocation?
  3. Will my family go to Heaven?

Bara Live a good life and keep the commandments of God and remember the two great commandments love your God and love your neighbor as yourself,get out of school and may be one day you will see Him face to face

An interesting question! ( I’ll replace ‘Jesus’ with G-d in my answer, though, and assume that somehow we really DO know it is Him. )

  1. Are we humans alone in the universe?
  2. If not, did you create the other beings? Did some other power?
  3. Are there others of your kind?
  4. Do you know who created You? Were you ‘born’, will you ‘die’? Do you have your own version of a god or gods?
  5. For what purpose did you create us?
  6. Do you feel trapped in your omnipotentence? How awful is it to know, and have always known, everything? Don’t you long for mystery?
  7. Name 3 things that we humans worry about in relation to G-d that makes you laugh the most? (ie does it really bother you if we take Your name in vain? Does our writing your name as ‘G-d’ make you laugh? Do you ever just say “Put the ‘o’ in there, for god’s sake!”)
  8. Can YOU explain the idea of the Holy Trinity so I actually understand it? Remember, I’m Jewish, that’s one I still don’t understand!
  9. What happens as science continues to unravel the mysteries of the world You created? Will we finally get to a ‘Game Over’ and a restart if we figure out too much?
  10. WHERE do all the socks go?


  1. Forget ‘faith’! Each generation needs a sign from You, so we can do your good work here on Earth without killing innocents in our ‘Holy’ wars.
  2. Can you give me just one, truly original thought? Seems like after 10,000 or so years, everything’s been thought!
  3. Can you send Douglas Adams back? The world misses his wonderful wit terribly. And just THINK how pissed off he’d be when he realized You exist!

BareKnuckler, I didn’t notice that you were a Taoist until I added my questions… I know this thread is in fun, somewhat, but I have to draw attention to the huge difference between your wonderful quote from the Tao Te Ching, and your desire for 100 billion dollars.

You don’t need a supernatural force to help you, you need to understand that you already HAVE access to the worlds’ library - either through the internet, or through your local library. Why do you want to own those books? Can you even begin to imagine what a pain it would be to be responsible for 100 billion dollars? It is safe to say that with little or no money you can spend 100 lifetimes reading the wonderful books that have been written.

I’m not a big fan of people that quote from scripture, but in this case I’ll quote from chapter 81:

The more the Master does for others,
the happier she is.
The more she gives to others,
the wealthier she is.

I’m not able to live my life that way, but I see the truth in those words.

I would ask Him to say hi to his mother for me.

I do know that, but their is nothing wrong with ‘wanting’ something, their is with being obsessed with it. The TTC says not to obsess yourself with the want for 1 thing, but to strive for it, if you want it, but don’t turn it into more then what it is.

Cause I want to own them, cause then I do not have to make the way to the library. I do not see how you come off using the TTC to say one shouldn’t want, but I guess we can all have different interpretations of the book.

BareKnuckler, I think your original question is very interesting, so I hate to get too far off topic.

I’ll certainly admit that I still can’t resolve the conflict between action, and in-action, in the TTC. I realize it isn’t saying “be a push-over” or “don’t bother making progress”, but statements like “Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations” or “If you want to be given everything, give up everything” seem relevant here.

Well, the TTC also states that we should not strive for more then what the object is. I do not know how your saying I faulted here, but I can tell you if I did I am sorry I did, but I do not believe I did, and I doubt any TCC can be used to say I did. I know the TTC states that objects are only worth by comparison (page 2) and that Tao is the father of all objects, and all non-objects.

Hmmmmm… Ten questions, and three requests…


  1. Can you elaborate on the mysterious nature of the Trinity in a way that your creation, a mere human, can understand?
  2. Do most people go to heaven, or hell, and could you provide a fuller description of both places (and purgatory)??
  3. Am I on the right path toward salvation, and if not, how can I correct it?
  4. What can be done to better spread your message, and why have so many areas of the world failed to receive you message?
  5. What is the nature of the soul of animals?
  6. What is the fate of innocents that die, such as the unborn and infants?
  7. Who among my deceased relatives are in heaven and purgatory?
  8. Among my living relatives and friends, who is on the wrong path toward salvation, and what can I do to assist them?
  9. Could you explain what you really had in mind when you inspired The Book of Revelation?
  10. Is there alien life, and if so, what is their place in the universe?


  1. I understand that suffering is a part of life, but I’d really appreciate a peaceful, painless death at an old age for both myself and the members of my family.
  2. I’d appreciate some personal tips on how I could better serve you.
  3. Could you provide a way to heal the rift between the Catholic and the Orthodox, and by extension, help foster Christian unity between ALL Christian denominations?
  1. How do I know it’s You?

  2. What should I be doing right now?

  3. Can you explain free will to me a little better?

  4. How can a true prophet be identified?

  5. Can animals be brought back and be present in Heaven?

  6. How many people go to Heaven?

  7. What was the approximate breakdown on salvation in different religious movements, denominations and churches in the last ten years?

  8. Am I asking too many questions?

  9. How can we help our country?

  10. How can we help the people who need help most in the world but are hard to reach?

  11. Please help me get to Heaven.

  12. Please bring my close friends and family there too.

  13. And please have mercy on the USA.

That’s a great question! And of course what if the answer was 100% of (insert your own religion) went straight to Hell! and that only people of (some other religion) went to Heaven. THAT would open up lots and lots of further questions.

Which raises another interesting question that Rolltide also mentioned - What if G-d appeared before you and said “You are a good person, but you were unfortunately brought up in a family following a false religion - I’m here to give you a nudge in the right direction - please become (some other religion)”.

If He did that, I very much doubt anyone would think of asking Him anything :slight_smile: The theophanies in the Bible (in both Testaments, & including appearances of Christ) very often (usually ?) leave the human viewers overwhelmed.

A few examples:
*]Moses (Exodus 3 & 33 & 34.6)
*]Joshua (Joshua 5)
*]Manoah & his wife (Judges 13)
*]Isaiah (Isaiah 6)
*]Ezekiel (Ezek.1)
*]The priests in the Temple (1 Kings 8:11 & parallel at 2 Chronicles 5.14)
*]The disciples (Matthew 28)
*]Peter (Luke 5)
*]2 Thessalonians 2.8
*]John (Revelation 1)
*]& also - Rev. 6
*]& compare Rev. 20.11
[/LIST]Not all appearances of Christ are overwhelming - but a good number are. The list is incomplete - but it does show that for man to encounter the holy (not tomention the Holy One) can be very fearsome; simply because God is God; not because God does anything. God inspires terror & alarm & a sense of nothingness simply because God is God & whatever is not God, is not God.

There was a widespread idea in antiquity to see God would be fatal: a notable expression of it is the account of Moses’ vision of God in Exodus 33:12-23. As T.S. Eliot said, “Man cannot bear too much reality”: which fits the “vision” of God by mere creatures perfectly.

That’s what happened to St. Paul when he was on his way to Damascus. He was a staunch Pharisee until Jesus gave him a nudge in the direction of the Way (that’s what Christianity was called before it got called Christianity).

Well, I don’t believen my parent’s religion, and they don’t know that. I would tell him to tell me why Taoism is wrong, and if he could convince me, which he should be if he is god, then I guess I’d believen him.

Honestly, I think I would get just about all of “What’s my purpo…” out before falling flat on my face and begging for His forgiveness for everything I’ve ever thought or done. Also, possibly I would vomit.


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