Jesus how prayer works peter will deny 3 times

Yes 1 example of effective prayer is the revelation prophetic nature that Paul speaks of in 1 cor. 14 25.

Praying 4 someone and telling them what the h.s. reveils

Is what occurs in the prayer groups that is led by the h.s.

There should be examples of answered prayers

I know the plans I have for you says scripture . this type of prayer does bring as saint Paul says. Edification and comfort

So how does it work with you??

It would work better if this most made any sense, just sayin’ :shrug:

It would work better if I could understand what your asking. I,m a for “dummies” reader.

Yeah, ditch the “smart” device and use standard English language rules, please! And, as to Peter, he was reinstated in John 21 by re-affirming Jesus three times. As to the rest, the smoker you drink the player you get.

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