Jesus' Human Side?


Since our Lord was both true God and true man, I’ve always wondered what Our Lord’ human side was like. Granted the scripture doesn’t give us every single word he said, but I can’t fathom that he was always solemn or always speaking in parables. Did He have a sense of humor? Did He, for example, ever walk up to Peter and say “I’m bored today let’s take the boat out and go fishing”? The only thing I can recall off the top of my head was the wedding where he turned the water to wine (He was at a party so he must have been a likable fellow per se).


I’ve always liked the flashback scene in The Passion of the Christ (movie) where Jesus makes a modern table and shows it to Mary, as it showed a more personable, human side to him (compared to the distant, mysterious portrayal we often see in films).


My interactions with the Good Lord have always shown Him to have a good sense of humor. I’d bet Jesus brought life, light, and laughter wherever he went (assuming he wasn’t discussing very serious topics like death or the Eucharist).


Well, as a human, He was the same as we all are, except for the sin. However, he was a **perfect **human, nevertheless. So, there was a lot special about Him as a human.

For example, possessing infinite wisdom, He could always see the right way, the right thing to do. I am sure, it was not without effort of Him to do the right thing, but He always did that.

As far as humor goes, the main villain of U. Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” pointed out to the fact that Jesus never laughs in the Gospel as the sign that laughter is bad. :smiley: I’m sure, that villain was wrong. :wink:


A lot of commentators say that John 1:47 was a joke…

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him: and he saith of him; Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile.

I guess tastes back then were different…

Personally I think a lot of things he said were funny:

Luke 19:40
And he said to them: “I tell you, that if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out.”
That’s pretty funny! I can imagine him saying that with a smile on his face:D

The whole story of the Good Samaritan is funny. Throwing that Samaritan in there was something that was totally unexpected, it’s a perfect joke!

The whole Beatitudes? All he says the whole time is be glad and rejoice! If he’s telling his disciples that, I expect he was a very joyful person!


Zacchaeus was a tax-collector, disliked by many for their dishonest dealing with the people, they were regarded as “sinners” When Jesus saw him in a tree, trying to get a better view of Jesus, Jesus said “Zacchaeus, Come down quickly for today I must stay at your house” It was the day for Zacchaeus’s conversion. When Lazarus , a dear friend of Jesus, died, Jesus wept at his tomb and was moved to resurrect him from the grave. Jesus wept over Jerusalem, knowing what would happen to the people, not knowing the time of their “visitation”, rejecting Jesus. Jesus was human in every way but sin. His joy was to be among men, a person easy to talk to, like He did with the Samaritan woman at the well, asking her for a drink of water. He took every occasion to bring them closer to Himself out of love. When love is the motive (especially regarding every person’s destiny, salvation) I think that Jesus fit in very well except for those who hated Him, saying “Look how people follow Him, what will become of us” ( prompted by hate, and jealousy)


I’m sure Jesus could laugh and enjoy his life like any human being. He had friends that he loved and trusted more than other, like we do, although, of course, he loved all people. But he was very partial to Peter, James, and John, who formed his inner circle, and to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. He wept when he learned of Lazarus’ death, he was so saddened.

He faced temptation, like we do, but being perfect and sinless, he always had the grace to resist.

When he was a child, he no doubt played and had fun with other children just as small children today do.

His humanity is often forgotten in his divinity. It shouldn’t be, and it’s good that you’re thinking of it.


That’s a fave of mine as well. Love it when he flicks water at Mom. : )


Maybe He even had a dog? Who can say? But think of how he’d hug small children (suffer the little children to come to Me…) and He had to laugh, smile, everything! You know He had to smile and rejoice at His baptism. Maybe even laugh with happiness and joy.


Renaming Simon “Rock” was pretty funny. Sort of like calling a bald guy “Curly” or an unusually tall man “Tiny”.


But Scripture never said that He laughed.


It never said that he bathed either.


Yes, I liked seeing then show Jesus working with wood, as a craftsman, many people today enjoy that hobby, I would imagine Jesus did too.

Can you imagine living back then, after he had been crucified and having something Jesus had made? wow!


Or calling St.Peter “Rocky Johnson” nick name for Peter son of Barjjohna


***Jesus wept. *(John 11:35)



Picture the Child Jesus. He sees a flower. He comments on how beautiful it is. When he was speaking about this, would he have not been joyous?

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