Jesus, I give you my heart by Mother Julienne du Rosaire


Jesus, I give you my heart

Jesus, I give you my heart

so that you may replace it

with your heart and so that

I may thus love

God our Father as you do,

love my brothers (and sisters)

as you do.

May it no longer

I who live, but rather you;

I who pray, I who adore, but rather you;

may it no longer

I who work, but rather you;

I who suffer, but rather you.

May it no longer

I who love, but rather you.

May your gaze transform my eyes

so that I may look upon all people

as you would,

with kindness and benevolence.

May your light fill my mind

and may it radiate through me

and enlighten those whom I meet.

May your love set my heart ablaze

and move through

my words and gestures,

filling all with your meekness,

your goodness, your humility,

your tenderness.

May my life be an incessant prayer of praise

of adoration and of love to God, our Father,

through a sincere “yes”

to his will at every moment.

by: Mother Julienne du Rosaire

Ecclesiastical approval: October. 4, 1999

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