Jesus in Media

Lately Jesus has been appearing in the media as a way to make quick laughs, most notably seen in various Family Guy skits. In most of these so called “funny” skits it shows Him in a very unchristian way. So here comes my question, what are your views on this, should we condemn this to the fullest or get a little laugh in our day?

You’re asking if we should approve holding up the savior as an object or device of ridicule?

I have no doubt that God has a wondrous sense of humor, but I don’t think He approves of humor directed at Him, who is dignified above all. Neither should we.

And I’m someone who LOVES to laugh.

I’m not saying that I do this, sorry if I made others believe I did, but I meant the shows themselves. I believe that action should be taken to stop portraying Jesus and others in such crude action.

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