Jesus in the Old Testament

Does Jesus appear in the flesh throughout the OT?

Specifically the Garden of Eden and wrestling with Jacob. Also to Abraham to who he addressed “my Lord” and with Shadradk Meeshak and Abednigo (bad spelling I’m sure)

If he did, he did not appear in actual human flesh, as he did after the Incarnation. He may have presented himself under the appearance of flesh (as a foreshadowing, or archetype). This is the same manner of appearance that angels have presented themselves.

Some say that He does, under the title “Angel of the LORD.”

As was said however, this is not, if HIM, a matter of appearing as a physical being, as during His human life.


Who did Jacob wrestle with and who was the fourth person seen in the fire?

These Old Testament forms are types of Jesus. Types are things which foreshadow something to come.

All of these - the one Jacob wrestled with, the three men who met Abraham, the man in the furnace - are not the incarnate Second Person of the Trinity, the hypostatic union of God and man.

God entered creation as a human person only in the womb of a virgin in the middle of the night.


What theologian/scholar has said that Jesus took on the form of an angel in the Hebrew Bible? I don’t think I have ever read that claim.

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