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I was browsing a forum earlier and I saw someone had made a statement that Jesus was a Buddhist saying there are “records of him being a student” in Tibet. Here is the quote:

“It has been revealled that even the Temple he went into an over throw the tables was in fact an Essenic Temple of Light, not a Jewish one at all as Jesus was Essene and had nothing to realy do with Judeoism. Jesus studied in Tibet as a Buddhist too. The written records of him being a student there were shown on t.v educational show about Jesus.”

Has anyone ever heard this claim before? I’ve never heard about these “records” of him being in Tibet, I was wondering if you could shed some light on this and refute these claims. By the way these “records” of Christ in Tibet are never sourced by this person.


The differences between what Jesus taught and what Buddha taught are many even though many people see the kindness towards fellow humans as a commonality

a) Jesus taught that he was the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy that He was the Son of God and that He was God Himself. Buddha never said that.

b) Buddhist teaching is that this world is an illusion (maya) which we have to strive to see through with the help of meditation. Christian teaching is that this world is a reality built by God and there is no other reality.

c) Buddhism has the concept of multiple reincarnations till nirvana (attaining moksha or freedom from the cycle of birth-death). Christianity - a person has only life time and at death the person is judged by God

There are many other differences I’m sure, these are the ones which came to my mind. You might want to listen to a podcast on Catholic Answers - catholic.com/audio/2007/MP3/ca070625a.mp3

Jesus in Tibet is some people’s idea of what He did till the age of 30 when He began his ministry, based on superficial similarities between religions. You can study this topic for yourself and you will find how untrue it is.


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I was just wondering about these “records” this guy speaks of. I have heard of this before?


He went to the USA too apparently! :wink:


I recently debated someone on this topic on a Protestant website. Here are a few of the articles I recommended to him:





I recall something a few years ago on maybe the History channel. Talking about the years from 12 yrs to his appearance as a grown man …the lost years of Jesus. There was speculation that he might have traveled east. This would be in common with some of the “other” gospels (Mary Magdalene especially has an eastern flair). There are purported to be records of a “foreigner” from the west who stayed several years in a temple.

There is zero proof that I’ve ever seen. Interesting but thats all.


Thank you very much for those links. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


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