Jesus is popular in cults and religions, why?

Why do so many new religions and cults cherry pick Jesus’ teachings and include them in their own teachings, or why do they turn Jesus into a prophet according to their teachings? Why the need to rely on Jesus? Why the need to change Jesus?

**Jesus is the fullness of Truth in it’s pure and perfect from.
Any other group that has even a small piece of the Truth, has some of Jesus, even if they deny Him or they don’t realize it or they are wrong about Jesus being God.

i suspect they use Jesus to try to gain credibility in the same way that Obama uses “catholics” and “catholic groups” to gain credibility.

By mentioning Jesus, even in an insincere and manipulative way, these people and groups hope to access several billion Christians worldwide.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Because He split history in half.

Because Jesus is the most popular deity on Earth (and in the history of mankind).


Jesus’ words are eternal and sure, and these other cults know it. However, cults arise by twisting the truth to suit their belief (sound familiar). It’s a departure from orthodox teaching, and any departure - no matter how slight - qualifies as a cult.

Everything the demons do is a distortion of something of God. When they appear to saints they appear as morphed, misshapen animals as an attack against God’s creation and man’s rational. Likewise, they tempt man to distort the teachings of God, and any symbols including the icon of God Himself. :slight_smile:

I believe Saint Justin Martyr spoke on this a bit in one of his Apologies.

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