Jesus is Present AS the Eucharist rather than "in"

Ever notice how confusion with the explanation that Jesus is present “in” the Eucharist could convey a different message that the reality of the Real Presence? Think of it for a moment. Imagine if our catechisms said “Jesus is Present in Himself” - that either would not make sense or would be redundant. So couldn’t saying Jesus is “in” the Eucharist either sound redundant or convey a watered-down explanation of the Real Presence? I think a simple change of “in” to “AS” could do a world of difference in trying to get people to truly understand the Real Presence of Jesus.

I understand your point, but the word “as” would lend more to the idea that the Eucharist is symbolic. I am not saying that is right, but I don’t know that changing one word will have those people who don’t understand saying, “Oh, well, now I get it!”

“In the Eucharist” means, “In the thanksgiving”. While we have always called Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood the Eucharist, “The Eucharist” also refers to the entire act. Hence, it’s like saying that Jesus Christ is present in the sacrifice of the Mass. Yes, Jesus Christ IS the sacrifice, and he is present as the sacrifice. However, the word sacrifice refers both to that which is getting sacrificed and the ceremony in which it is sacrificed.

The Eucharist is the Most Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. However, it is also a sacrifice of praise. He is present in the thanksgiving and the sacrifice, but he is what is being sacrificed.

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