Jesus is the Church. We are the Church. We are Jesus?

I’m just confused about the whole thing with us (the Church) being the Body of Christ.

Simply, the Church is the founding head of the Church. He established the Church and its sacraments to aid our efforts toward salvation.

We as the Church are the Body of Christ, as an image that brings home several important concepts. First, since we are to love both God and others as Jesus loves us, we are an integral group joined together to help all of us reach salvation. Second, the sin of one affects others - just like if you hurt your foot and start walking with a limp, eventually your legs muscles start to hurt, your back may hurt, etc.

Third, the Church is God’s kingdom on earth, as such we are the subjects of the Head of the Church, Jesus.

Hope that helps, there are many books that go into this very deeply.

Hi Awalt,

An important result of our being incorporated in Christ through baptism is that our good actions can be meritorious, because only Christ can merit, and it is only in being united to him that we can merit… by association.


It’s a mysterious relationship. Christ has a variety of “presences.” He has a local presence at the right hand of the Father until He comes again. He has a sacramental (and real) presence in the Eucharist. But he also has a mystical presence in the Body of the Church and in the Scriptures proclaimed, etc.

Hello awalt, just in case there is any confusion, you meant Jesus is the Head of the Church, didn’t you. :slight_smile:

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