Jesus, Jealousy and The Wrath of God

A Priest once told me he thought “God’s jealousy” was no longer an issue because Jesus is so selfless and merciful. He didnt really say anything about the wrath of God. But it seems like wrath and jealousy can be closely related; or, in other words, when someone is jealous, they can be full of wrath.

But there’s kind of a hard call to make here…

Suppose two Catholics were arguing different sides of the same issue… I’ll even use myself and a friend as an example… We were praying before others at church one night, and we had a chance to offer up our petitions… It was winter, and it was supposed to snow… When my friend went first, she said, “Lord, please dont let it snow…” Then, when it was my turn, I said, “Lord, I love the snow, so let it snow…” There wasnt and isnt any animosity between us, and everyone watching thought it was funny…

But my question is - suppose it was a more serious matter within the church… that then might amount to a jealous rivalry… and, in fact, these rivalries exist…

The famous old question “What would Jesus do?” then seems to come to mind.

Any ideas?

I dont think Catholic people normally go to the level of wrath, but there’s still the question of the competition, motives, ulterior motives, etc… and what is actually in accord with the will of God… How does one know?

Probably the first scriptural passage to really come to mind is when the mother of James and John asked for her sons to be seated at the right and left of Jesus… The reason is, the other apostles took offense at it, as if they were jealous…

Jesus’ prescribed action would then be, “He who would be first must be last…”

But - in 21st Century Catholic practice - do we have any kind of methods on how to proceed here?

God’s “jealousy” was never an issue and could never be an issue, because He creted us and is infinite. There is nothing that we are or that we have that God does not have.

If wrath is taken in the context of jealousy, then we are dealing with human emotions. Of course there are jealousies and rivalries among individuals, groups, nations, etc. Much of this is driven by selfishness and greed - very human emotions. These have little to do with God’s will.

Finally, regarding your prayer for snow - we can not know the will of God, but earnest and serious prayer could give you an idea of what you should be aiming at in life.

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