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Okay, I just remembered in 1993 Michael Jackson said that he tried to imitate Jesus on how Jesus said to be like children and to be as innocent as children. Mind you, this was 6 years after he announced his departure from the religion, so maybe his understanding of Jesus had changed from their teachings, but if Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is not God, then who do they think he was and why would they want to imitate Him?

JWs believe that Jesus is the human form of Michael the Archangel.

EDIT: Here are some CA tracts that you might find helpful:
Distinctive Beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
The God of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

So what’s so special of Michael the Archangel? I mean, why not imitate Gabriel? Why single out Jesus, then? What was his purpose, in there opinion, of why He was brought down here?

Those are questions better asked of a current or former JW. Though, be warned, that if you ask a current JW they might try to debate with you to attempt to convert you.

Uh, yeah… :rolleyes: Accuse them of stealing beliefs form the Seventh Day Adventists and see what they do!

Even though the person who started the JW was a type of Adventist before he created the WTS.

Yikes, I didn’t even know JWs didn’t believe Jesus is the Son of God. Yeah none of what they believe makes any sense.

Funny how that “supreme authority” of the bible lead Joseph Smith, Ellen Gould White and Charles Taze Russell to almost completely different beliefs! The only things they share are the lies. Hmmmmm… :hmmm:

Well, to be fair, I don’t think Joseph Smith every claimed that it was the bible that led him to create the LDS church, but a “personal revelation” and “visitation from an angel”.


I couldn’t help signing up especially to answer your question. (Hope you don’t mind)

We believe Jesus is the son of God, and therefore not God himself. One of our favourite scriptures in John 3:16 which calls Jesus God’s only begotten Son.
Jesus voluntarily allowed himself to be sent to earth to teach us the truth about God and to carry out other parts of God’s purpose.
As a side point, (as some other posters here mention) our understanding is that Michael the Archangel is another name for Jesus in his heavenly role.

I hope that helps clear it up and makes sense.

Have a great day!


If I may correct you. We do believe Jesus is the Son of God.

Correct. Oh, it was a spirit all right.

Thank you for signing up to answer my question and clearing that up. So Jesus is the Son of God AND Michael the Archangel? How does that work? How his he the Son of God and also an angel if God is divine? And what makes him the Son of God if you don’t believe in the trinity? Also, is that teaching -the son of God new or has the JW religion always taught that?

Setiously, po? I know your comment is an intentional jab, of course, so I will take it as such. So the Mormons have the infallibility of their prophets, along with the Pearl of Great Price, the Book of Mormon, etc…White had her inerrant extra-Scriptural visions, Russell had his infallible WTS…and their opinion of the supreme authority of the Bible lead to their errors? It seems they all had other infallible authorities aside from Scripture…like some other institution I can think of…:stuck_out_tongue:

The difference is that even though the popes weren’t always following the rules, our beliefs never changed because they were founded on Christ. Our catechism comes from the bible and uses the bible as reference. The Watch Tower had to edit their bible to fit their beliefs and The Book of Mormon was made up, too. The Mormon and JW religions have changed their beliefs over time.

What jab? Russell used the KJV to arrive at the odd JW beliefs. How do you prove him wrong, since he relied on the authority of the bible to reach his conclusions? Unless it is not actually the supreme authority.

Was it a jab at those who privately interpret the bible - in violation of that very bible? Yes! Show me the verse that authorizes the private interpretation of scripture and I will immediately concede.

The JW’s had to re-write the Bible to do so. I don’t think that makes their exegesis of the Bible a strong suit!

I know, Issa…my comnent was in jest.

The New World Translation was done in the 20th century. From the Wiki: “Until the release of the NWT, Jehovah’s Witnesses in English-speaking countries primarily used the King James Version.”

So did the Seventh Day Adventists.

So do the Mormons (plus “continuing” revelation).

All of this error stems entirely from exactly the same bible! If the bible is an authority, how can this happen? For our answer, let’s go directly to the bible: Look at Nehemiah 8:5-8 and Acts 8:26-35. We see that someone in authority had to interpret. Yet, Peter says that the ignorant and unstable twist and distort the scriptures (2 Peter 3:16). So, to declare the JWs and SDA in error, what you propose to do is show the same KJV to them?

What is lacking is a referee, but that’s for another thread.

But not Divine.

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