Jesus Life and Matter of Discernment


One of the things I have had to struggle through with is discernment of spirits. In a broader brush, everyone has to discern those spirits, one time or another. That person could believe in God or not. And the judgment call is still there to make, by that person in the ordinary ordeal in life.

As being baptized, receiving First Communion, and Confirmation as a Catholic. And in addition through the whole ordeal of a sabotaged and broken home, and make up as a child going on into adulthood, my impression about God has changed from time to time. In addition, the way God is depicted and posited by people, the world, and those who seem to call themselves Christian, and even Catholic, or other. It’s hard to really believe and hope in God.

My wounds from my past, this tells me, I believe Who God is not. The abuse, trauma, and turmoil are like the wounds of Christ. When Jesus suffered on the Cross, through the unbearable suffering He endured beforehand and up until leading to that time, to His death. That’s the matter of discernment for me, and to the rest of the world.

Upon His Sacrifice, wherefore after being brutally tortured, wherefore even two wooden beams are centered forming a cross, that nails deepened through His hands and feet, tearing through. That those nails had to be pounded into the wood. That in order for those nails to find deep penetration into the course wood, so had the hands and feet feel them too.

It wasn’t a sacrifice to make and get people to get along. His suffering wasn’t to gather a people together who has formed certain pedigrees of thoughts, opinions, and idea’s. He didn’t die and suffer with the Reaurrection that was to come about, in mind in the Holy Eucharist at Mass, telling people humanity is all right and okay. That God just loves the way human personalities formed in thoughts and idea’s. That He was okay for gay and homosexual people to develop and grow in their desires. Or that sexual promiscuous people, or before marriage was okay, as long as people got along or “loved each other.” For His death would had been shallow and in vain. A waste of time.

If Jesus needed to die on the Cross severely for people to get along and love each other, then His death was a waste of time. His death would had been no more than that of a spoiled child endangering themselves to get their parent’s attention, to ger what they want. That’s a model and form of insanity.

However, He died because we live in sin. To bring us out of sin. To die onto ourselves. That’s the key to His proposal of dying on the Cross. Which now bore Him, and now rightly states as the Crucifix.

We are sinners. God so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son to take us out of our sins. He so loves us that He reminds us so that it offends and does injury to the Immaculate heart of Mary, and the Most Sacred heart of Jesus. So much so Our Lady appears time to time again telling us we have sinned, and continue to do so.

If not for the conversion of sinners, then why did Jesus die on the cross and which bore to be called the Crucifix? If not for our Salvation against sin, then His death was in vain.


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