Jesus Loves You very much


A reminder Jesus loves you. No matter what he will forgive you. But there are consequences to your actions.
You may be asking why does God permit suffering but it is not God’s fault it is our own sins and because of original sin we can offer up our sufferings for the souls in purgatory and conversion of sinners.
Jesus will never leave you.


It’s not God’s fault?

How do you figure that? I was under the impression that, in the unlikely case that there is a God, it’s fully his fault.

And I’m supposed to believe he’s doing us a favor by allowing all this suffering in the name of “free will”? Much of the evil in the world isn’t even humanity’s fault.

If Jesus loves us, he sure has an unusual way to show it. I bet many would rather not have been born than experience God’s supposed love


He died and suffered very much for all our sins
He rose on the third day


The evil, pain and bad things in this world, the imperfection of this world, is at its root due to the original sin of mankind.

Most of what God does is “unusual” and requires faith and thought and love. It is not something easy where he just shows love by giving us everything perfect the way we want it all the time.


Someone who has this attitude needs to go back and think again because there is a reason and a purpose they are on earth.
There are people who suffer terrible hardships and pain and deprivation, and yet experience God’s love and are at peace in some sense of the word. Often they are even able to use their experience to reach out and help others.


Yes but why? What possible good could come of him dying on he cross rather than just take us to paradise now?


Yes, very unusual.


Yes, but why does God allow it? Why create this chaos of violence and jealousy, betrayal, selfishness and inequality in all aspects of life?



I hope your are curious to learn the truth.
Here is some truths:
God made us.
God loves us.
God does not need us.
God loves us so much He gives us a free will.
We get to choose good or evil.
If we did not have a free will we would be a slave.
God loves us too much to make us slaves.
Suffering comes from sins. Ours or others.

Read the story of the fall of mankind in Genius.


Here are some truths. Sorry.


Read Genesis. All I could think of was God deliberately gave us unending pain and himself unending headaches from having to deal with people he deliberately created as sinful.

Why did he even create a forbidden fruit tree?


George Burns playing God in the movie “Oh God” said something like I had a hard time creating things with one side.
God gave us a free will, there had to be a forbidden fruit.


Say I have a kid and I tell him: if I catch you eating a candy I’ll throw you out on to the street to beg for a living.

Immediately after that, I decide to put a plate of candy on the kitchen counter. The kid eats the candy and I throw him out of the house.

If you told me the kid deserved it and that I absolutely had to have put the candy in the counter for there to be free will, i would call social services and make you sure you could never be in charge of an underage human being ever in your life.

So, tell me with a straight face that Genesis is different.


He didn’t “create” all those bad things, so it might be better phrased as “why does He allow it to continue to exist?”

Here’s all I got so far (remember, I’m kind of a dim bear, I’m not a great philosopher):

  1. Man’s free will makes a lot of the bad stuff on its own when we choose bad stuff instead of good
  2. To teach us lessons, including detachment from the world
  3. To make us value God and love and perfection by showing us what life is like otherwise
  4. To allow redemptive suffering (where we join our suffering with Jesus’ suffering)
  5. For purposes of His own that we can’t understand yet but maybe will in the future and we just need to trust him on this one


The “tree of knowledge” wasn’t “eating a candy”.

It was trying to exist apart from God. To be as big a deal as God is without needing God.

To say, “I will have all knowledge and do all things, without God. I don’t need you, God. I have Knowledge.”

Knowledge didn’t bring good things.


Then why give us stomachs that hunger if they lack food? Thus forcing us to work and indeed remain highly undetached from the world? Why give us a sexual instinct, why give us the feeling of loneliness, why give us the compulsive and annoying feeling of grass is greener on the other side?


I respect your questioning, Curious 11. Simple answers will not satisfy you, especially if presuming literal interpretation of scripture. If you consider the fact that we have evolved from, what? Mud? Sludge? And have come a very long way ti si not surprising that we should have to journey through the pains of learning. But you are right. Some suffering seems unjust, pointless and beyond understanding. It shakes our foundations and sometimes sense of self. I may be wrong but I think that is the point. We need to come to a deeper understanding of who we are beyond this apparent surface ego identity. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. A painful yet joyous process of awakening. We can transcend this physical identity. Suffering can help us do that. The moral example of Jesus shows us the way to eternal life. Now you may not beleive that, that there is anything beyond material existence. Are you a materialist?


I find it interesting those who are most adamant that there is no God find it so convenient to lay the blame on him for evil yet deprive him of any acknowledgement for the good in the world. It’s also interesting to me that those who find God to be evil and the source of suffering can’t explain why unsurpassable happiness can still exist, or that they somehow inexplicably rise above the evil state of affairs that grips humanity. It’s rather twisted logic…especially for folks who rely on reason so much.


If it was safely out of reach, there would have been no choice for them to make. God wants us to actively choose him, not be robots. If there was no possibility of them making a wrong choice, how is that free will? We learn from our mistakes, unfortunately.

You are angry that God allowed us to make a choice about it. If we had been mindless spiritual beings who had no option but to follow God that would be a type of existence, but it wouldn’t be a human existence. God loved us too much to not give us freedom.

Even the angels were given freedom. They all made a choice. And for them it was irrecoverable. They don’t even have the ability to repent or change their minds. Being human is a gift, not a curse. Even with all our potential for evil, there is also potential for good.


We’re supposed to work through that stuff. No pain, no gain. I have a sexual instinct just like I have an instinct to punch people who annoy me. Doesn’t mean I have to do either. Learning restraint is definitely possible.

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