Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry

Hello, so let me make an introduction first as how I came up with this other christian sect.

As I was scrolling through my facebook page, I saw someone commenting on my firend’s post about Mama Mary.

So I made a point about how we dont worship mama Mary, instead, we honor her. And for the statues, we only use it as a reminder. (And yes, this is only a summarized version of it. teehee)

I might have made my point so well because he started going on about being “Born Again” to be saved. As an amateur (maybe a wanna be internet evangelist ;D), I answered him once again. And now, I have yet to receive his reply.

Now this prompted me to look at his profile and I saw that he is part of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry. I just heard of it now, so I searched for it. If interested, you can check their website here:

What confuses me the most is the number of “miracles” made in their religious sect… I know im not suppose to judge but im pretty sure that ive read somewhere that only the Catholic Church has that ability…?
you can see their fb page here:

Or maybe, im just making up something.

Anyway, can someone make an article about them? I searched for them online from any Catholic website but to no avail.

God works miracles wherever and through whomever he will. That said, don’t believe all reports of miracles. Not all reports are accurate, and not all supernatural events are of divine origin.

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time studying the claims of every heretical sect that comes along, especially when you know it to be an heretical sect. Spend your time studying the true faith.

Before the Church approves that a miracle is authentic it goes through a very thorough and exaustive process.
We can be confident that after the Church declares a miracle as authentic no one will be able to come later and say “oh, they made it up”

The Church is always very prudent on this.
Many sects are not, especially when $$$$ are involved. It is a sad reality.

To be fair, Jesus even rejects “many” of those who have cast out demons in His name.

It’s a tough pill to swallow.

I suppose so, too. Thanks! And yes, yes I will :slight_smile:

A Pentecostal once told me in a discussion, “Don’t confuse blessings with miracles. Blessings occur every day, miracles don’t.” Many folks don’t make this distinction.

In answer to the question “Have you been saved?” my answer is “Yes, in Jerusalem, about 2100 years ago.”

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