Jesus Movie ‘Son of God’ Cuts Obama Lookalike Who Played Satan in ‘The Bible’ Miniseries



“Someone made a comment that the actor who played the devil vaguely resembled our president, and suddenly the media went nuts,” Downey said in a statement Monday.

Of course they went nuts. How dare someone, even unintentionally associate the anointed one with something negative. The media is his (Obama) protector. They may also be Satan’s protector as well.


Well, maybe if it was just a fictional portrayal of a minor criminal, I would get your point. But I would call Satan more than just “something negative.” Comparing someone to Satan is, needless to say, pretty bad.

I do think it’s hilarious that they went out of their way to make sure that Satan was a black man and Jesus was European looking. I mean, you couldn’t get any less subtle than that.


I always felt these scenes were tacky anyways. Even in Mel Gibsons Passion of the Christ. It would make more sense if the devil was a handsome person who is a master of deception, not someone who is apparently ugly and untrustworthy.


I kind of feel like you had to be looking for that because when I first saw it, I didn’t make that connection. It was like the time my friend dressed up as I Dream of Jeannie Halloween and because she had brown hair, not blonde, catty girls called her Bad Jeannie. They were clearly looking for the negative.


This guy is a black man who was chosen because he was less European-looking than the Portuguese actor who portrayed Jesus?

Ahh, yeah. Whatever…

(As it turns out, he’s Moroccan. :wink: )


I thought Gibson’s depiction was well done by making Satan androgynous, the devil loves the gray area and confusion.


He looks like Omar Shaif


Exactly. They need to go back to the real Bible and read about the real satan appearing as an “angel of light”.


I don’t know where you got that image, but with make-up, in the actual movie, this is what he looks like:


Since we don’t know what Satan looks like, I don’t think we should get worked up over an artists / writer’s rendition. Why get worked up over one black Satan if you didn’t get worked up Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Elizabeth Hurley, Peter Stormare, Vigo Mortensen, or Robert DeNiro…all white guys! Perhaps we need some affirmative action in the “actors who portray Satan” department. Afraid of diversity???

I do have a bit of a hang up when Jesus is portrayed as a European, or in paintings as a blonde hair blue-eyed Jesus. Seriously, he was born in the middle east, and one would expect him to look like someone born in the middle east.

Just my 2 cents…


I didn’t “see” Obama. I saw the Leonard Nimoy looking guy from Mission: Impossible. What was his name?


I don’t think he looks especially European looking, i.e., he could pass off as somewhat Middle Eastern or Latin American.

P.S. Here’s Diogo Morgado being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, and she tells him that he is the Jesus Christ that she imagined when reading the N.T.


Lookalike? I don’t see a cigarette in the devil’s mouth…


It’s funny, though - the previews shown for the “Son of God” movie make it look like they simply did a “Director’s Cut” of the last 2 episodes of “The Bible” miniseries - starting with the Baptism in the Jordan and finishing with the Resurrection.

Regardless, these are the same people who made the angels look like Roman soldiers.


Goodness, of course they picked up on it. It’s something to write about and for Downey, it was actually great publicity at the time.
Separate from that, tho…it’s obviously not advisable to make a Satan character look like a well-known person, especially the president of their own country in which they make their millions of dollars in and the country that produces their films and perhaps even gives them tax breaks to do so.
I assume it wasn’t intentional.
But I imagine you would be offended if they inadvertently hired an actor who looked like the pope to play Satan. And would not be surprised if the media picked up on that, too.



You cares, I didn’t watch the Bible mini-series, and I’m not going to watch this movie…call me old fashioned, but I’m going just keep reading the book!


I was a bit surprised at that. I thought it looked tacky to begin with so I looked it up to see who was behind it.


:blush: Just one more reason for me not to see the film, the couple who made the series for television stated in an interview that they were going to make another movie about our Lord, and put it on the big screen! Now they remove the parts that to some made it controversal and to others depicted satan/death in true light! For evidence our Lord has begun His preparation of His earth {due to Him now ending aging and death, through His Science} for His retaking of it, leaving us the inheritors after removing the wicked from among the just Matthew 13:49-50! Go to the site at and on that page are the sounding signs of God’s finished Mystery Rev:10:7 signs such as the Washington DC/Virginia Beach Virginia quakes our Lord brought on the same day as the unofficial unveiling of the martin luther king statue in DC {With more now coming} and the Japan quakes and small tidal wave Alaska, and these signs were posted over four years ago, many months and years before taking place as waking sounding signs! As many other signs prewritten as the record sun disturbances, and Oklahoma quakes, all prewritten History! Also for what is important this day go to and for actual videos of our Lord in preparation go to … It has begun… Respect to all born of Adam/God Deuteronomy 32:8


Um, Elizabeth Hurley is the best looking white guy I have ever seen!:wink:



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