Jesus Murders Santa Clause

Jesus murdering Santa Clause?

One Catholic figure murdering another? This is insane.

And of course, I meant Santa Claus... :blush:

Saint Nicolas or the Coka-cola Santa?

There are no Michelangelos being produced in the art world these days.
Not even close.

Personally I think that the loudest critics of the commercialization of Christmas are making their tight-fisted approach to buying presents out into being some kind of virtue. But if they do not like the commercialization, then sing some carols. Keep alive the memory of the actual Saint Nicholas who rescued poor people from a life of slavery.
But to portray Jesus as a murderer is just as sick and twisted as it gets. When art is based on feeling rather than actual raw talent, then this is the kind of display that we can expect,. I guess.

Typical of the world of modern art.

No personal disrespect to the OP but I think the title of this post wreaks of secularism.

That's why I put it in the Secular News section ;).

Well if you mix up the letters of santa you get satan so I guess it kinda sorta ok from a artistic kinda view. after all did not jesus beat the brown stuff outa satan on the cross. But still the artist should show some respect for the anti-violent teachings of jesus.

Santa Claus kneeling before the manger would have said so much more.

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