Jesus' name, a first?


Just a quick question: When it was proclaimed that Mary’s son should be names Jesus/Emanuel, was this name already in general use or did God come up with Jesus and the name was used then for the first time?

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“Jesus” is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua, as you can see here (link) in the Septuagint. In Joshua 1:10, the name appears in Greek as Ἰησοῦς, exactly as Jesus’ name is spelled in the Greek New Testament.

Emanuel (strictly “Imanuel”) is a Hebrew name meaning “God with us.”

Im = with, anu = us, El = one of the names of God, as it also appears in Hebrew given names such as Samuel, Daniel, and Ezekiel.


Jesus, or at least its equivalent, was in use already. It’s basically an Anglicized form of the Latinized Greek name that’s equivalent to the Hebrew name Yeshua (or Yehoshua - I’m not sure of the linguistic difference), whose Anglicanized form is Joshua.


It was a fairly common name at the time.


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