"Jesus of Nazareth" by Pope Benedict XVI

Has anyone read “Jesus of Nazareth” by Pope Benedict XVI yet?

If so, what did you think?

there are a couple threads on this subject, and I have submitted posts in those, but I can’t find them.

I finished my second reading of the book, more carefully than the first. It is an outstanding book. It is masterful. There is an excerpt and a commentary in Time magazine, the Sept 7,'07 issue I believe.

Benedict knows what he wants to say, and he gets to the point very quickly.

Here I will say, that I have learned so much, and expanded my knowledge so much, I must recommend this book as a basic commentary on the Bible. But, I’ll admit, I had to work slowly through the book, taking notes. Everything you need to understand the book is in there, although you will want to have your bible by your side. There were times when the Pope was discussing theology that was beyond me a bit.

But, he has the ability to make the vast majority of what he says very understandable.

Towards the end, he focuses on the statements of Jesus asserting that he is God. Jesus said this in so many ways, that I did not previously recognize. There are threads every so often in these forums asking where did Jesus claim this. Benedict explains this very, very clearly, and Jesus did make this very direct claim.

This was certainly a historical event, because Jesus’ claim to be God was the reason the Jews of that day went after him, to put him to death.

The Holy Father talks about the ‘mosaic’ of information in scripture and also about the "strands’ of information that weave together to explain who Jesus was, and why Jesus was who he said he was.

He also points out how clearly the early Church understood all this and they had the full-blown theology of who Jesus was.

This book is the best commentary on the Bible that I have found. The book is worth the investment. By the way, it is only Part One of two related books the Pope wants to put out. He’s working on the other book this summer of 2007.

Our Holy Father’s book is the perfect antidote for the Jesus Seminar nonsense! (All the “search for the historical Jesus” that has been on TV lately.)

What a blessing the book is…I hope all the people that need to read it do so and learn much.

I have just started it. It’s wonderful. Reading it is like having the Holy Father come and preach a sermon, just for you, in the comfort of your own home. It’s warm, intelligent, loving, and gets right to the point.

Our Holy Father’s insight into Sacred Scripture and ability to share it is a wonderful gift.

The sequel to the book comes out in October; I plan on getting that one as well.

All seem to be of the same or similar mind who have read or are reading JESUS of NAZARETH by Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI, which must be indicative of when it was started, written / finished, published. It’s a great Bible study. "Sunday Night Live with Father Benedict Groeschel on EWTN has done a couple of shows on the book with more to come.

God bless us.

This book is a powerful antidote to the Da Vinci Code and Jesus Tomb books. This Pope is a prophet for his time!

I haven’t read it but Al Kresta had Theologian Eduardo Echeverria of Sacred Heart Major Seminary on his show to talk about it. It was a great discussion!

You can listen to Al Kresta’s archive of the August 17 episode here.

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