Jesus of Suburbia -- Has He Risen Again in Houston, Texas?

On Primetime: The Outsiders, ABC, 10 PM EST, 22 August, Wednesday: Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, an evangelical minister, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus.

Uh,… there must be 23,392 nut-bags like this spouting nonsense every day.

Why is this more interesting than the other 23,391…?

Mahalo ke Akua…!
E pili mau na pomaikai iaoe. Aloha nui.

Sure, and I’m Napoleon Bonaparte :rolleyes:

I’m really Queen Elizabeth I (shhhh, don’t tell anyone):wink:

I’m Tinkerbell.

Hey, I guess if you’re going to be the reincarnation of someone, you might as well go for the top!

I mean, I know there have been others before who have claimed this and there probably always will be. But this really, really upsets me!!! I cannot believe this man!! It makes me so sad that people will actually fall for this stuff!!! It also makes me sad and disgusted that our Lord’s name is smeared with this sort of stuff. It is scary too because this man is going around to different cities and trying to “recrute” people to his “religion” by traveling places and giving “talks.” And these poor people that are not firm in their beliefs fall for it!!! It is so, so sad to me. This is just so, so wrong!

Praying…:signofcross: Lord, please help us!

Here’s his “ministry” website.
Edit: Okay, so I just realized that all the english links are invalid. Hmm.

He sickens me. The program last night had me in shock (which is admittedly very had to do). My mouth, literally, hanging. Watching him walk around in his SSS cap (what, too scared to make the 666 tattooed on your arm that noticeable?) and talk about Jesus Christ as “the former” made me physically ill.

Not to mention the people and children who have been sucked into his grasp - millions of dollars placed into the non-required-yet-expected offering bowl.

Lord have mercy for those who are deceived. :byzsoc:

You know,… if you connect the “tail” of the “S”'s with the body of the letter, you get 666…!!!

…Or “delta delta delta” in greek, which would make him the Messiah of Delta House…!!!

What would Pinto say about THAT…!!?

(( for the pop culturally challenged, think “Animal House”. ))

Note taken from article
"De Jesus doesn’t mind that his ministry often gathers in the corner tavern. “Like my former, Jesus of Nazareth, he used to go to places like this and the religious people, they used to criticize him. … I’m just doing the same kind of thing.”

"Like my former?"
If he’s the reincarnation of Jesus, it technically wouldn’t be a “former,” am I right?
By pure logic his basis is false… let alone from a theological perspective.

You know, I actually heard about him quite a few months ago. I thought he was in Florida though? It’s scary that he’s in Texas, thats where I live.
I remember being just sickened when i read about him.

I agree with what you are saying with the “former.” I thought the exact same thing when I was watching the show. He is just sickening!!

This man is active in the Miami, FL, area. I worked with one of his followers, a young teacher who has “666” tattooed on her back, and is a true believer. As Prof. Daniel Alvarez of Florida International University has said, these things usually “don’t end well”. Please pray for her and all involved in this man’s ministry that they be guided to the true Christ.

According to the article’s later quotes, we must not be “the whore of Babylon” after all.

I also have heard of him before, a while back there we’re other reports on him. I think there were a couple of threads on this forum about him also.

He seeems to be getting a lot of media attention lately. I suppose because he has a gained a large following, especially in the Latino community (many of them must be former Catholics unfortunately), and the obvious parallels to other fanatics like Jim Jones and David Koresh.

I just read AnthonyM2’s post just as I was thinking of Jim Jones and others, if these self proclaimed prophets can convince people that they are the real thing, then they can talk them into taking their lives and the lives of their children, I just don’t understand how people can get so caught up in all the obvious lies. God help them.:gopray2:

We have our own version here in the Philippines–Pastor Apollo Quiboloy claims he is now the Son of God, having God appoint him as the Son since Jesus has already been taken up; hence, he is the Son for the Last Days. He even applies certain passages to himself; for instance, his experience in a certain place was in fulfillment of Hebrews 5:8, which most see as applied to Jesus, but he applies to himself.

And I am Spartacus.

No, I’m Spartacus.

I am Spartacus!



Shouldn’t you be on that island?

I really have to say (like everyone else) this really does bother me! For the the love of our god (the real one) please stop that nonsense! Something major like this was bound to happen eventually and the fact that all those people are getting sucked into that… im just left speechless.

God bless all of you and your families.:smiley:

Well, if you can be an evangelical and claim to be the reincarnation of Jesus, I guess I should stop agonizing over whether I’m an evangelical:p


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