Jesus on the cross picture?

Hi all,

Im looking for a nice picture of our lord on the cross,

If you have any recommendations and/or links to pictures, it would be greatly appreciated.



This painting is by Salvadore Daly done in 1951

Christ of Saint John of the Cross

Artist Salvador Dalí
Year 1951
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 205 cm × 116 cm (80.7 in × 45.67 in)
Displayed Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum,Glasgow

Here is another spectacular one. It shows Jesus, the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God, Crucified.

Go to either the or home page. Above the search bar there are links for images or video, among others. Search for Crucifixion of Jesus and click on the word “images,” instead of on the “go” button. A page should load up with many thumbnails of the picture you searched.

If your taste runs this way, you could try

for an Eastern Icon of the Crucifixion.

Thanks for them guys,

I should of mentioned in my 1st post that the reason im looking for a picture is to get it tattooed on me, there are lots of Christ crucified on the cross, but none has really stood out to me yet it needs to be a really good picture as it will be on me for life.

Thanks for any help you can give me,

God Bless,



It is wonderful that you want to witness to your crucified Lord by getting Him tatooed on your skin. But personally, I believe that Jesus would rather have the world see Him in your life and in your actions and in your heart. There is an old Protestant song that I remember from my pre-Catholic days, “Can the World See Jesus in You.” That is the key, in you not on you. Jesus needs to be a living force in your life, not art on your body. I could be really wrong here (and I often am), but I feel like tatooing Christ Crucified on your skin somehow trivializes His sacrifice.

I know that you intend to be a good Catholic all your life, but what if later in life, you leave the Church and fall into a life of sin, what witness would that give to Jesus on the cross tatooed on you? Or what if you become a Protestant where crucifixes are not respected and God forbid you become ashamed of this tatoo of Jesus on the cross?

I admit that I have never really understood the attraction of tatoos, but this sounds like a really bad idea to me. Please pray and consider carefully before you do this.

Hi Marsha,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I totally agree with your 1st paragraph thats I should show off Jesus through my actions and life more importantly than on my skin.

I just think it would be a nice addition to these things. even if God forbid in the future I did fall away from the Church this would be a reminder to me and other people what Our Lord did for us and to turn back to him, and how I close I was to God at the time of getting the tattoo. I would never become a Protestant so that isn’t a issue as the Catholic Church is the one true Church and would never be ashamed of Our Lord.

But thanks for your concern and I will definitely take them into consideration before I get the tattoo.



To tattoo or not to tattoo, that is the question. But one depiction of the crucifixion I like is the San Damiano cross. This is the cross from which Jesus spoke to St. Francis.

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